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  1. Seems the "Verison" stuff was deeper than i thought, considering Host1Plus (which now also does ads here lol) was/is the main (mostly even sole, yea i admit i rather unknowingly sold some prefixes as well, as did others) supplier of Methbot: https://krebsonsecurity.com/2016/12/report-3-5m-in-ad-fraud-daily-from-methbot/comment-page-2/#comment-423855 http://methbot.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/IPs-CIDR.txt At their IP pricing of few $/mo (on that scale probably close to 10-15$ per /24) Host1Plus still made a good amount of money on this - totals up to ~800k IPs/3100 /24s or at the very least 35k$/mo...
  2. ColoCrossing threatens to sue vpsBoard

    not like they have a case (or rather not further than 1-2 court instances), but same :)
  3. The cesspit / chat thread.

  4. Free IPv6 BGP Tunnel

    No one does. ipv6.net.id closed, i have no capacity on my nodes, netassist takes weeks to reply/update filters - HE is the only useful one. Some offer it with cheap VPS however, like Clouvider, Hostigation and VStoike.
  5. Would have posted on LET but they probably ban me for it... So, here is our all time favourite ZA/BR host host1plus - which also advertises here - sort of exposed as *THE* IP hoarder in the market. Everytime i tried to post this or similar as comment under a LEB post from them it got deleted, interesting or? I might hate them, and so do others, but at least they provide SOME legit services (unlike other hoarders), but the public should still know what they do, right? Let's see what we have, shall we? I ignore ARIN and RIPE here and focus on AFRINIC and LACNIC. host1plus.com -> Registered to/trading as DIGITAL ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES LTD. (UK) BRAZIL/LACNIC/Chilean connection Test IPs for Brazil point to AS61440 registered as Digital Energy Technologies Chile SpA (CL), company does exist in Chile. LACNIC nicely provides now a list of assigned blocks within the ASNUM object so we have this: inetnum: 179.61.128/17 inetnum: 181.41.192/19 inetnum: 181.214/15 inetnum: 191.96/16 inetnum: 191.101/16 That are a total of a /14+ or 262144+ IPs (the /17 and /19 ignored) - Pretty large for even a large VPS provider, isn't it? Even more so in LACNIC area. For comparison, LeaseWeb, arguably MUCH larger than them, announces only 150k IPs... Now, how are these justified you may ask? With shell companies and sometimes purely made up companies, simple as that - I was able to trace this shells to Host1Plus, mostly registered in the US (if at all): HomeChicago Int -> Total of 82 /24 assigned along with a /19 and a /21 (that are also announced as one /24 (first /24 in the network), which has been removed from the number). Total num of IPs 20992+8192+2048= 31232 Speed Home Internet LTD -> Total of 44 /24s along with a /21 (which is, interestingly, 100% same way announced as the former one - First /24 of the block, then the entire block) and 2 /23. Total num of IPs 11264+2048+512+512= 14336 US online LTD -> Total of 41 /24s along with a /20 and a /23 (which, AGAIN, announces the first /24 of the block and then the /20 and /23). Total num of IPs 10496+4096+512 = 15104 Dallas online LTD -> Total of 47 /24s along with a /23 (this time only announced as /23) Total num of IPs 12032+512 = 12544 Verison Home Provider LTD -> Get it, "Verizon", creative isn't it? That is done to sound bigger and confuse the poor guy at LACNIC working on the request. Total of 16 /24s and 2 /23 - Again announced as first /24 and then the entire block. I see a pattern there, do you? Total num of IPs 4096+512+512 = 5120 AmOL wireless Net -> Total of 80 /24s, a /19, a /22 and 2 /23 - All announced in the same style again. Total num of IPs 20480+8192+1024+512+512 = 30720 Home Internet Orang LTD -> Again, "Orang" -> "Orange" - Weird or? Total of 70 /24s, a /19 and 2 /23 - Again announced the same way. Total num of IPs 17920+8192+512+512 = 27136 ATOL Intertnet (sic) -> Total of 46 /24s, 1 /22, 3 /23 and a /21 - Same style of announce. Total num of IPs 11776+1024+512+512+512+2048 = 16384 CH wireless -> Total of 50 /24, 4 /23, 3 /22 and 1 /21 - Also announced like the others. Total num of IPs 12800+512+512+512+512+1024+1024+1024+2048 = 19968 So we conclude our LACNIC expose here with a total of 172544 IPs (that is MORE than a /15!) of very shady justified space. Make up your own mind about it, but the case is pretty clear. But wait, this is NOT everything - Seems host1plus got desperate and is already renting off blocks to VPN providers, for example: PureVPN -> ZA PureVPN -> HK PureVPN -> HK PureVPN -> HK PureVPN -> HK PureVPN -> SG PureVPN -> ZA SecureShield LLC -> ZA Half of them is not even used within the LACNIC region, check yourself if you do not believe me :) AFRINIC is more interesting and follows tomorrow.... stay tuned... have a look at AS12586 for a bit of tease what to expect... Obviously this was also sent to LACNIC, both in English and Spanish - And i circumvented the first level idiots and straight contacted the CTO :)
  6. The pets thread

    i have cat... name makes no sense as he is deaf anyway. http://imgur.com/a/eYPDN
  7. You can't - For real HA you need either the IPs available on all nodes (so same DC and VLAN) or use internal IPs and a router instance on each location.
  8. Resolved - Disabling and enabling adblock+ (which was disabled for vpsboard anyway) fixed it. Strange.
  9. Spoiler... only read if you have seen E09 already.
  10. If i try to post from FF i click into the "Reply to this topic..." box and nothing happens - If i click multiple times it just selects the text, but it does not open the editor: From Safari everything works fine. I already deleted cookies and logged in again, deleted all cache for *vpsboard* but to no help... Anyone has an idea?
  11. Unusual Request Location - Ethiopia

    haha, no, that won't happen - 1Mbit BW (~330GB) costs around 40$ (yes, USD, not some strange African currency) so your request would be easily 80$ for BW alone, count in that Ethopia is under UN sanctions (for being repressive police state dictatorship, one of the worst in the world, usually ranked on the same place as North Korea) and you will pay a LOT for old hardware (even worse than Iran). 1Gbit is unheard of (and probably will be for the next 10 years), most ISPs work on 16-32Mbit sat uplinks. Check if ISP has good connectivity to South Africa or Kenya, but this is highly unlikely as well - Most traffic goes to Portugal or Spain, so Spain/France is the best solution.
  12. BGP Tunnel Central US (or KVM VPS)

    Central US - Like Dallas? I have nodes in both Dallas and CHI - 100Mbit BW at my upstream costs ~100$ in Dallas and ~150$ in CHI (if you want to be able to do traffic engineering by communities and plan to disable HE/Cogent, else i can go a bit cheaper) BGP communities available (IPv4 and IPv6), IPv6 tuned network (used for Tunnelbroker, so quality IPv6 is a must for me), GRE, IPIP, IPSEC (L2) and OpenVPN (L2) available (Tinc (L2), Softether (L2/L3) on request, N2N (L2)/CJDNS (L3) 50$ setup) 100$ Setup for the BGP and whitelisting (10$ setup per each new prefix then on) - Prefer ARIN/RADB route objects but LOA works as well - 10$ monthly for the session plus the traffic. Port either fixed 100Mbit/commit or burstable to 1GE (DAL) or 2GE (CHI) with 95% billing. Inbound traffic free (up to x3 commit), IPv6 traffic outbound free to HE (~70% of global v6 table). Can do default route but would highly prefer to send you full tables. Nullrouting communities available (live passthrough to upstreams). Let me know :)
  13. OP must be crazy lol Windows license alone costs the ISP 8$ - Now you also want 1.5GB RAM *AND* 200GB disk for 7$ along with 10TB+ (which are 33Mbit and cost the ISP AT LEAST 10$ alone) BW? Not going to happen. Never. Anywhere. Not even on Contabo. There is a reason why Contabo has bad reviews, and it's cheap clients like you that expect the world for some $.
  14. Hello, I'd like to introduce you to a new project I pull up with a few partner ISPs - We currently offer a few free services: - IPv6 address assignments for announce in any datacenter/ISP: Get up to a /44 (16 /48) for announce in any datacenter (check non-inclusive list of recommended/tested ISPs here: https://ip6.im/recommended-isp.html )Allocations are permanent, contracts for up to 10 years are available on request (Contract fee applies, contract with EU entity)Full RIPE control for the subnet, create your own WHOIS entries (up to /128s! Perfect for geolocation and similar) and delegate blocks to customers/locations/etc + RDNS delegation on /48 levelThis is a mature service tested over the last weeks, no beta anymore, turnaround time is usually around 12 hours. With this service you can keep your range while changing ISPs and never need to renumber again. Anycast supported with multiple ISPs announcing it. Please note that your data will be public in the RIPE database, if you want we can also allocate it only on a nickname (but needs public email address for abuse), please pm me for this before "ordering". Secure Orderform: https://ip6.im/get-started.html - Tunnelbroker Accounts: No IPv6 at home or on your server? You still want to participate in "Internet 2.0" and/or access free services like some Usenet providers? No problem at all! Our Tunnelbroker service gives you a /47 (2 /48, ~130000 /64) for your own setup. Currently in Beta, slots are limited. Only requirement currently is a static IPv4 (dynamic supported after beta) and a DD-WRT or better router (any OS supported) to run the tunnel. /47 allocation free/48 allocation reserved additionally for AnycastRIPE delegated to your data including abuse contactMultiple POP locations (currently available Kiev, Ukraine - Amsterdam, Netherlands and Kowloon, HK)Unmetered Traffic (Fair use, soft limit around 10TB/Tunnel/Month in EU and 1TB in Asia) @ 1Gbps shared (Ukraine 10Gbps)Tunnel via IPIP or GRE (OpenVPN L2 in alpha testing, NL only - Tinc available on request in all locations, also alpha)RDNS delegated to your DNSThis is essentially the same service as our non-tunneled IP allocations with us as ISP that announces it, you can move this network to your datacenter/ISP at any time so no need to renumber in the future once your ISP supports IPv6 (if they are willing to announce it or give you BGP). What is the difference between us and other tunnel brokers you may want to know? /47 allocation instead of /64 (or /48) by defaultBGP available with full table (including Cogent and Chinese carriers) or default route, does not require public ASN like HE (beta, public ASN of course also supported)Anycast available across all our locations (very alpha, with a reserved /48 outside your /47 alloc), configure tunnels on multiple servers and get traffic to the nearest oneNo SMTP/Port blocksRIPE WHOIS delegated to you, including ability to create smaller objects with other dataMove tunnel between locations without renumbering (takes 1-2 days, downtime ~1 hour)Traffic statistics available, including ability to connect by SNMP and get data for only your "switchport" (alpha, requires SNMP client with ability to set port)For now there are 10 tunnels available in NL, 5 in HK and 20 in UA. If you have ability to test features (BGP, Anycast) we can create some additional as exception. Order (does not display when out of stock, will notify you by mail): https://ip6.im/get-started.html Questions, Comments? Anything? :)
  15. Vps webhosts that allow .onion (tor) sites?

    Sure, and puts you on one level with Iran, China and Afghanistan - Is that what you want? It's also useless - Bridge nodes are not listed either and can be obtained from Torproject to connect to.