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  3. If you are still looking to buy Google Apps domain, PM me now! You can still add your own one domain into each Google Apps account and enjoy all google business suites have to offer.
  4. Brandable Domains with Google Apps Standard Edition Last Updated: 04-Jun-2015 (updated new pricing and removed sold domains)
  5. Brandable Domain with Google Apps Standard Edition Last Updated: 14-05-2015
  6. Last Movie You Saw?

    Chappie. :D
  7. All listed brandable domains comes with Google Apps FREE Standard Edition. What Do You Get? - 1 Google Apps Brandable Domain with minimum 6 months validity. (Free Push to GoDaddy) - 1 Google Apps Administrator Username and Password. - 100% Money Back Guaranteed if quantity of users licenses as advertised is incorrect. - HUGE savings. Any enquiries, kindly post them here and i will be glad to assist.
  8. What's for Lunch?

    i had snickers for lunch today. Paper wrap says 'Hungry? Grab a Snickers!'
  9. Live chat software

    +1 for zopim! you can look at olark as well
  10. Ghost.org: where the money went

    jar, i though your blog used to run Ghost platform previously for like a few weeks if i am not mistaken before you convert to wordpress? Personally, i like Ghost for it's simplicity when they first initially rolled out, i was all-hyped and even used them myself, but since i'm too lazy to blog, i abandoned my blog later on... with the ghost breakdown on how they spent those money, they are being very transparent and kudos to them.
  11. What are some of the best VPS companies?

    Another one i would suggest, backupsy/winity.io, you simply cant go wrong with either one. top-notch quality and excellent customer service.
  12. You should try update your WP sites to the latest version to avoid any potential fixed exploits. Then monitor again. This might not solved 100%, but atleast it narrowed down your scope of problem until you find the root cause.
  13. gezzz, 'that' same guy again.. :popcorn: