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  1. Been running my own mail server for 15+ years. postfix the entire time, local retrieval only for first few years. Introduced dovecot maybe 10 years ago, spamassassin maybe 8 years ago? Bounced around VPS providers for a few years, spry.com for a few years, and for the last 5-7 years or so on a Debian BuyVM 128MB box for the same few personal domains. Simple set up resulted in very little issues with deliverability over time. A fair amount of spam comes my way, like any other email provider, and spamassassin has done an acceptable (read that as not great, but not horrible) job at false-positive and false-negative flagging. I'm happy with the setup. Debian provides for easy apt-get upgrades that to my recollection has never broken the stack. Both spry.com and BuyVM had very positive uptime, so availability of SMTP and IMAP has not been an issue over time. I'd say this is as "set it and forget it" as I've had in a long time. I like being able to troubleshoot and tinker with the settings any time I want and not have to rely on settings set up by the provider.
  2. Over 3 months apart.... :)
  3. Many utilities require the use of grid tie inverters that feature a safety disconnect switch that will isolate your panels from the grid upon loss of grid power to prevent energizing de-energized portions of the grid from dispersed power generating resources.
  4. Raspberry PI 3 Now Launched!

    It's a beautiful board. i've had it for a bit now and its completely replaced my daily driver "desktop".
  5. I'd totally buy that. My old Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S) phone had similar specs aside from the CPU and RAM. I'm finding so many uses for that old phone right now (baby monitor, mp3 player, GPS, international knock around phone, etc) that at $4 i'd gladly purchase a few with faster CPU and more RAM.
  6. I'd say pick up an ODROID-C2 or XU4 with a Sabrent 2 bay SATA->USB Dock. Or a barebones kit similar to this.
  7. Currently running Odrobian for the XU4 (boot from SD, load root from USB). I had the same system running on the C1, but it is noticeably faster on the XU4 (for obvious hardware reasons). Running everything pretty much stock with "desktop" experience applications straight from standard Debian apt-get repositories. Nothing I've installed to give me my standard "desktop" experience turned out to be broken. Everything I've plugged in so far has been simply plug-n-play: WD 320GB Passport external USB drive, Kootek USB Wifi Adapter, Insignia wired USB keyboard and mouse, Amazon basics USB powered speakers (via HDMI through monitor 3.5mm out port), 27" Acer LCD display, Galaxy Note 4, etc.
  8. IMHO the XU4 was well worth the investment. It has completely replaced my home "desktop" with ease. Email (thunderbird), Web (chromium), Scanning, Printing, touch up of photos (gimp), VPN/RDP to work, mount LAN NAS for extra storage space (smb), watch movies (VLC), listen to music (various), etc...
  9. Can someone help with...

  10. The board arrived and I've got it powered up and running. What would you like to see?
  11. Take a look at Odrobian for the C1 and XU4 (when you get it). I've found the Odrobian "desktop replacement" experience to be slightly snappier on the C1 than the standard HardKernel Ubuntu image. I should get the XU4 next week. Anything you want me to take note of and forward along?
  12. Recently I installed odrobian on my ODROID-C1 and am really enjoying the Debian 8 Mate desktop experience. I've completely replaced my desktop needs at home with the -C1. I still have a RPi Model B sitting around as my home NAS with a pair of 3TB Seagate SATA drives in software RAID1 config running Raspbian with no issues. I have an ODROID-XU4 in transit that I plan to power up over the holidays and replace the C1 as the primary machine. I have a RPi Zero on the way that I have no current use for, but for $5 it was a toy to play with. I'm all in on this ARM device kick!
  13. I'm digging the email client Nine for Exchange. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ninefolders.hd3&hl=en
  14. Android watches

    Anyone try out any of these "Chinese" smartwatches? For basic SMS/Mail/Calls/Music/Timepiece/Appointments/Activity Tracking, it may be a cheap way to get your foot in the smartwatch door before upgrading to more sophisticated units. http://www.xiaomitoday.com/selecting-good-nice-and-cheap-chinese-smartwatch/