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  1. Re Youtube, as far as I know, you can make money off Youtube ads. Also, a lot of people use Youtube to host video then them embed on their own sites. They make the money from their site, while Youtube gets the ad revenues in return for providing the video hosting service.
  2. I do not entirely agree with Bloomberg's point - there is lots of good content that does not really make people a living. From what I know midlist authors, for example, cannot live from writing even though really successful authors can get rich. Where I do agree with them is that it is difficult to get rich on other people's content without paying them for it. That said, I am wondering whether some things I write on my blog (which does not make any money) might do better on Medium (if I can get an audience). I am thinking of topics that either get reactions from people (politics and religion) or can attract a repeat audience (work related in particular). Worth trying, I suppose
  3. So they only started working on paying the people who do the writing four years after launch, and they have only just started about the need to do something new and different. I think that explains their failure.
  4. How much money did the actual writers make from medium?
  5. BuyVM(Review) awful experience

    I am sure there was another thread critical of BuyVM as I posted in it, but I cannot find it and I am not confusing it with this one because I have not posted in this.
  6. I usually listen to BBC iPlayer Radio comedies when working. For a change I have a rather mixed queue: Just finished Don McLean's Vincent, currently Enya's Flora's Secret with her WIld Child on next, and Strauss's Four last Songs sung by Kiri Te Kanawa after that.
  7. It is easier to scale at a trivial level (adding resources is easy). It makes the easy problems easier. I doubt it makes the hard problem of developing a scalable architecture easier. I have personally found that an easier a service is to get started with, (particularly things like Heroku that have very quick set up) the more likely you are to run into things you cannot easily do.
  8. Worst experience ever on LowEndTalk

    @risharde Was that "ass" as in donkey, or "ass" as in posterior? If the two of you meant the word in different senses it could account for it. If you meant the latter (which writting it as a**) implies you were being pretty insulting and it seems reasonable to ban you until you apologise.
  9. Containers were the lines on which I was thinking, but: Docker means a container per application, which complicates things for sites that require more than one application. Will something else work better? It seems a lot of work for single deployments. I can see the advantages if you are deploying lots of instances of an app, but it seems significant extra work when each application is only deployed once I know how to poke around inside a VPS or server. I can ssh in do just about anything and see anything when debugging issues I cannot immediately reproduce locally. Do containers make this more difficult? The whole development and maintenance workflow seems a lot more complex. A lot of these objections may be due to my ignorance of containers, so please correct me if I am wrong :)
  10. With a real relational database you would not even need to ask. Transactions take care of this. With MySQL, you are probably OK if the tables were created with a recent version of MySQL. Check whether they are InnoDB or MyIASM tables. If they are InnoDB it is definitely OK. If they are MyIASM I am not sure - it may be OK if it is just a single row, if there are any foreign keys pointing to it from another table them MyIASM will not be OK.
  11. 1. I dislike control panels, but Cloudlinux looks distinctly interesting. I was thinking of something like Alpine Linux (or something else with grsecurity to provide real jails) or a BSD and jails, but this looks easier. 2. Why did I not think of that!? The more I think about it, the more I think it is the best approach. Thanks.
  12. I have multiple web sites (and a few other processes) I want to run in an environment that is flexible and as low maintenance as possible. This includes my sites and customer sites, production and development. Most share a common platform (Python, Django, Postgres, Linux (mostly Debian)). I need to be able to give At the moment they are all running in separate VPSs, and some on shared hosting. The problem with multiple unmanaged VPSs is that it is a lot of stuff to manage. I have been experimenting with running the sites on a single VPS with multiple users. It is a "cloud" one so can be scaled up as needed, and there is only one OS and shared libraries to upgrade. The problem is relying on permissions to separate sites from each other, and to give users access to sites is quite fiddly, particularly as I am paranoid enough to run app servers as a different user from the code they exectute. I have not ruled it out as a solution, but it is not as straightforward as expected I thought of running my own VPSs on a dedi, which is cost effective, but adds one more component to manage. It gives me a lot of isolation. I think some sort of container or jail solution will give me the best of both worlds, but I am not familiar enough with it to pick suggestions? I am willing to consider using any *nix OS, although Debian Linux is what I am most familiar with. Resource isolation is not an issue: it will not be running anything I expect to cause problems. Easy admin and security are. Any suggestions?
  13. I have come across a lot of companies, in quite a few businesses, that use obvious stock photos on their websites implying, if not directly claiming, that they are photos of their staff or offices.
  14. How many hosting accounts do you have?

    1 shared hosting account with Nearly Free Speech as an individual - used for PHP based sites, which now means just by personal blog. I have access to several clients' accounts. I have 2 VPSs (Upcloud and Ram Node) used for web hosting, and access to VPSs and dedicated servers used by clients.