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  1. Our streams are live at http://gamersimpact.org/streams/main Come check it out!
  2. Gamers Impact is very excited to announce our plans for the 2014 Extra Life event, featuring two charities which we have great admiration for. We have a great day planned for October 25th, which features events in Team Fortress 2 and RUST. All proceeds raised during these events will go directly to help support Extra-Life and the AbleGamers Foundation! We will also be giving away over $5,000 in cash, gear, and merchandise, generously gifted by our sponsors, to our registered viewers and donors. Gamers Impact is excited to announce our event benefiting Extra-Life and AbleGamers. We have great admiration for both these charities, which dedicate their time to enriching children’s lives through gaming. All donations received during this event will go directly to the charities and, to promote the charitable spirit, our sponsors have donated over $5,000 in cash, gear and merchandise to give away to our viewers and donors. Our 3 part charity drive kicks off with the Team Fortress 2 event and the RUST event, which will both run concurrently on October 25th. We will continue the action into November with our final Counter Strike: Global Offensive event, during which we will also give away our grand prizes to a handful of lucky donors. Gamers Impact’s first tournament features arguably four of the finest European & North American Team Fortress 2 teams ever to face off in an invite-only round-robin clash, with a prize pool of $250 and 6 ZOWIE mice Date: October 25th, Starting At: 16:00 PM CEST / 10:00 AM EST Event: A four team NA vs EU Team Fortress 2 tournament featuring: Planet Express, ESHOCK eSports, Street Hoops eSports, and Ding Dong Daddy. Drawing Prizes Include: ZOWIE mice Headsets Game surfaces TF2 hats and in game cosmetic items Jerseys t-Shirts; and more! A complete lineup of prizes for this event can be seen here For RUST we will be hosting a big 200 player, last man standing event with cash prizes for the winners. The tournament is online, but we will be hosting the event live in Boston at the headquarters for Spartan Race, and will include audience driven freestyle by Anemic Raggs! This is sure to be a total free for all, as each player will only receive one life! Do you think you have what it takes to be the last man standing and possibly win a cash prize? Be sure to enter and give it your best shot! Date: October 25th, 14:00 PM CEST / 08:00 AM EST Event: 200 Man, Last Man Standing Event Prizes: 1st - $500 2nd - $300 3rd - $200 Every participant will have the ability to donate their winnings to charity and WE WILL MATCH IT! Donator Prizes Include: Razer Black Widow Chroma SteelSeries 5HV3 Steam Gift Cards Jerseys t-Shirts and More! A complete lineup of prizes can be seen here How To Enter: For every $5 that you donate (via the Gamers Impact’s donor link) to Extra Life or AbleGamers, you’ll receive one additional entry into the massive drawing. All registered viewers are eligible to win prizes, donating simply increases your number of entries, and makes you eligible to win the higher value donor only prizes. You must sign up over on gamersimpact.org, click on “register now” 100% of your donation will be going towards Extra-Life and AbleGamers. (Note: The more you donate, the better shot you have at walking away with some awesome prizes!) Sponsors: ZOWIE Flexible Gaming CSGO Lounge Extra Life KritzKast BlackoutGaming TeamFortressTV SpartanRace BuyVM TF2Warehouse FlipSid3 Tactics SweatWorks vpsBoard Live Streams: GamersImpact Main Stream Social Media: Twitter: @gamersimpactorg Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GamersImpact About the Charities: The AbleGamers Foundation is a non-profit public charity that aims to make video games accessible to those with disabilities. It provides them with the opportunities to experience situations that may be difficult or limited in the real world; as well as maintain mental and emotional health by social networking and participating in one of the world’s largest pastimes. Extra Life is part of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals which supports 170 children’s hospitals across the United States and Canada. Extra life is dedicated to saving and improving the lives of as many children as possible. Extra Life is primarily funded through fund raisers within the video gaming community.
  3. Considering the sort of people we find in this community. Hiding the PoC is the right thing to do in my opinion. While it won't stop them finding it, it's a bit of a deterrent. No names being mentioned because you all know who they are.
  4. Passwords and Storage!

    Probably bcrypt with a pinch of salt
  5. What Backup Software Do YOU Use?

    rsnapshot / rsync usually.
  6. Hi VPSBoard, We at KnightSwarm are looking for to hire a PHP developer or two. Please see the details below for more information. Job Description: Applicant will work on customer facing web-based applications. These applications tie together internally, externally, and to third-party systems. This is a remote work position. You will, however, be part of a larger team of seasoned developers. KnightSwarm uses source control systems such as Git and SVN. Developers will be required to adhere to our development practices and timelines. We also utilize online team chat to keep the team cohesive and active. Requirements: Experience integrating multiple backend systems internally and externally Familiarity with design implementation is an added bonus PHP development experience in excess of two years Understanding of the MVC design pattern is essential Laravel framework familiarity is ideal but not essential Ability to work independently and remain productive, effective, and meet deliverable timelines. Basic understanding of source control essential (experience with Git or SVN a bonus) About KnightSwarm: KnightSwarm Handelsbolag is a Sweden-based high performance, low latency hosting company and technical development firm. We offer virtual private servers (VPS), shared cPanel hosting and game hosting (flexiblegaming.com) in multiple major markets globally. With 24/7/365 customer support, guaranteed resources, and managed services you can trust us to make your online experience a success. To apply for the position please email a CV and your salary expectations to [email protected] This is potentially a long term position for a high quality developer.
  7. Your biggest pain as a provider

    I'd love to use it but we're not using WHMCS. Thanks though!
  8. Your biggest pain as a provider

    We get disputes from people that cancel service then fail to cancel their sub. Which PayPal clearly states is their responsibility. Worst one we had was a cancelled service in May.. A refund of the last 7 months was asked for a few weeks ago.. Took us ages to piece it together.
  9. Your biggest pain as a provider

    PayPal subscriptions. I hate them, I hate the disputes. I wish customers would read the terms of a PayPal sub.
  10. Yea, we're gonna need some more information to help you. "It doesn't work" does not help anyone. We need any error output that you've got to get a start. Any logs from the server side would also be helpful
  11. What is the temp at your house?

    It's 22C in my lounge. But the heating is on as well as a half rack of servers in the corner. Outside is currently around 8C
  12. Recommend boooks on LInux for Beginners

    Play with it, break it, find out how to fix it, fix it. Rinse, lather, repeat.
  13. mysql replication - stuck on errors.

    Further to my last post, this should be a nice guide http://plusbryan.com/mysql-replication-without-downtime
  14. mysql replication - stuck on errors.

    mysql> SHOW MASTER STATUS; +------------------+-----------+--------------+------------------+ | File | Position | Binlog_Do_DB | Binlog_Ignore_DB | +------------------+-----------+--------------+------------------+ | mysql-bin.000025 | 382431892 | | | +------------------+-----------+--------------+------------------+ 1 row in set (0.02 sec)
  15. lightweight browsers?