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  1. thank you for sharing. The Discount on payment gateway used is interesting as you could reward ppl paying with bitcoin (less cost on our side)
  2. Noob Windows Server Question

    this is a good website to get started with SPLA: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/CloudandHosting/Licensing_Get_started_with_SPLA.aspx
  3. Buy a /24 network to start with, 10k almost does not get you there. I would buy my own IP addresses, this keeps you independent from providers /24 are ~3.5k Now you can colocate but have to buy you servers, buy spars, either be onsite or have somebody that you can pay. Remote hands in DC can be expensive. Colocate will give you the choice to buy bandwidth with the Datacenter or buy your own from providers Or you can lease you to start with (1) or (2) servers. You will need to find a provider that can and will announce your IP addresses and will provide you with - Redundant Power - Redundant Uplinks to their network $$$ for Marketing is important as well You need to outline the pros and cons for yourself...
  4. Numer of IPv6 allowed?

    That is what we are testing as well right now, we created blocks of 100 in solus and are assigning it to customers ... works well in solusvm. AS for reading material you need to consult google, lots and lots out there but you need to find what matches for your case.
  5. I lived in New Mexico by White Sands monument, so white sands hosting was born :)
  6. BGP (GRE) Tunnel w/ and w/o DDoS Protection

    Most providers should be able to offer this, you could get a dedicated server from a provider allowing BGP announcement and you could GRE tunnel it yourself via your server...
  7. SolusVM Issues with WHMCS 7

    I seemed to have some one off problem as well. I had to play with the Hostname and IP address setting of the module. Now some of my graphs are not displaying ... The new WHMCS Solusvm Module is a mess, i didn't have time yet to mess with it. A plus is that it is now open source ...
  8. Buy Microsoft License

    If you are a hosting provider you will need to get a SPLA license. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/CloudandHosting/Licensing_Get_started_with_SPLA.aspx?Search=true
  9. We have been accepting Bitcoin via Coinbase for 3 years now without any incidents! The Take Rate is low, i was reading 1 in 20 and would have to agree. It does not cost any money (monthly) and is cheaper on transaction fee. Coinbase merchant does allow for daily withdraw in case you are worried about value fluctuation.