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  1. Did you change your mind?

  2. As spamhaus said, this is the second escalation for this particular netblock.. If you are making no attempt to clean up your network why should spamhaus delist you? IIRC you rented IPs a while back and they were too SBL'd which forced the provider to terminate you: https://vpsboard.com/topic/6279-stay-away-from-damien-and-his-company-supremebytes-my-review/
  3. IP Camera Security

    I have a ton of the UVC-domes, about to purchase several UVC-pro's as well.. Big ubiquiti fan here :)
  4. So, let's clear the air...

    im good maybe biloh will let him rack up the bill again
  5. So, let's clear the air...

    we should all sit back and let jonny and duke run their business how they want to , no idea why other providers are so critical of them// nobody is telling you how to run your business
  6. Damien refunded my order and I halted the announcement, they were beyond screwed. Before I even knew about you and this thread I told Damien that there looks to be some bad people on the other part of his /19. If you google your IP range and then spamhaus theres even people on google groups talking about spam emitting from your /21 Senderbase should only be used as a reference nothing more, sometimes it can be far form the truth. His entire /19 is most likely blocked at the big email providers etc as collateral damage. A SWIP wouldn't do anything but hide the abuse from Damien, do you have any system in place to prevent spamming off your service?
  7. I had actually purchased a /21 from moke which happened to be the neighbouring range of yours and let me say your range was trashed more than some of CC's!! every report you could imagine, previous spamhaus, malware db's etc. Your side of the /21 whether intentional or not screwed up his entire /19 (of which I was in) Your entire /21 at one point was listed on spamhaus! And the /21 I was assigned from moke was never used, it was only blocked because of abuse on the other /21 (i guess the entire /19 was blocked at a lot of places due to collateral damage?) a I don't think its unreasonable at all to revoke the IPs, from what I saw there was a lot of spam emitting from the ranges.
  8. We don't offer less than 1Gig unfortunately. Any additional traffic is $5/TB, however we have the $199/mo special for unmetered 1Gbps.
  9. 100TB a month challenge

    that didn't last long. i still want my 100tb $5 vps GVH, you didn't tell me why you refunded me.
  10. 100TB a month challenge

    Why was I refunded?
  11. 100TB a month challenge

    Can I borrow the 100TB VPS?
  12. 100TB a month challenge

    Sounds about right
  13. 100TB a month challenge

    I was just refunded, probably true.