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  1. BGP (GRE) Tunnel w/ and w/o DDoS Protection

    No, that wasn't us but you can PM me some details. I'd be interested of course.
  2. Hello, Looking for BGP (GRE) Tunnel w/ DDoS protection and/or one without DDoS protection to announce some of our direct allocations IPv4/6 through. Requirements: BGP Tunnel (IPv4/IPv6) BGP Communities (not really necessary) Default-route only Public ASN 100 Megs or Gigabit bandwidth unmetered Location: Dallas or Kansas City (or central close) Quick turnaround turn up 24/7 support via email/ticket/phone Go with your best offers! Thanks you in advance!
  3. BGP Tunnel Central US (or KVM VPS)

    Send me a pm and we can discuss further. Thanks!
  4. BGP Tunnel Central US (or KVM VPS)

    Send me a pm and we can discuss more. Thanks!
  5. I am looking for a provider located Central US that can provide a BGP tunnel for transit and turn it up by Tuesday, August 11, 2015 end of business day or later. I can provide LOA and will need the provider to adjust their prefix list to account for at least one IPv4 /22 and IPv6 /36. Requirements: BGP Tunnel (IPv4/IPv6) BGP Communities (not really necessary) Default-route only Public ASN 100 Megs bandwidth unmetered Central US Quick turnaround turn up 24/7 support via email/ticket/phone or VPS VPS KVM 10GB Disk 4GB RAM Single IP VyOS Install
  6. Future of Shared Web Hosting?

    I see your point about "never" however, I believe we will always have web hosting long as online shopping is a hot commodity. :P
  7. Future of Shared Web Hosting?

    As a network engineer for over 12 years, some times I just want things to work. :P That demand of web hosting (www hosting, shared hosting, website hosting) whatever folks call it now will never go away. VPS hosting is has it's place and that place is usually determined by customer's needs.
  8. I agree! The hosting provider should have a problem providing your with proof they have SSDs or providing you a trial run for a specific amount of time. But I have to ask. What makes you doubt this provider doesn't have SSDs?
  9. OpenVZ VPS request

    Saw and replied.
  10. OpenVZ VPS request

    That's going to be tough with 16 IPs. The $1/IP is the norm for us but we can offer less than that per IP. I know it's not what you want but 16 IPs for port mapping essentially is what you are after. If you want to discuss further you can open up a sales ticket.
  11. OpenVZ VPS request

    I'd be interested in providing a custom plan for you. What is your target dollar amount per VPS? We have two locations Tulsa, OK and Chicago. http://cubixcloud.com
  12. vps's with a /29 swiped?

    Alright! Enjoy your services!
  13. vps's with a /29 swiped?

    If you put the ticket in with us we could have already got you signed up! ;) haha
  14. vps's with a /29 swiped?

    Correction SWIP space with any specs you want. However, $7/mo for TB of bandwidth is not going to happen but we can talk about it. Open a sales ticket.