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  1. Does VMmanager support routed networking which is the recommended way with some ISPs e,g OVH, Online etc?
  2. And what makes you say that? My opinion is based on my own observations, experiences & research.
  3. Virtualizor can be another option for you. It is easier to manage & has more features tham most of its competitors. Although it does have lot of bugs but Virtualizor team keeps fixing them regularly. Proxmox is also good but I will recommend it only if you can hire someone skilled enough to make you a good WHMCS module.
  4. There is a stress-free way of quitting smoking which is by use of homeopathic medicines. There are quite a few medicine which not only help to quit smoking stress-free but also quickly recover the damage which it has been doing to different organs especially the lungs.
  5. Happy 27th Birthday MannDude!

    Have a wonderful, happy, healthy birthday now and forever. Happy Birthday!
  6. 32 or 64bit system? Which one to use?

    You are currently using < 1 GB RAM so you should be fine with 32 bit versions of operating systems until you your requirements hit 4 GB+ but to be on safe side I will recommend you to go with 64 bit as it will make it easier for you to switch one your usage exceeds 4 GB+
  7. What domain registrar you use

    OVH, they not only offer free whois protection but also very cheap anycast DNS. Other than that, I like NameSilo also.
  8. I have always been of the opinion that buyers should be protected against intangible items. Merits: 1. Customers will be able to try out providers without the risk of losing their money 2. Providers will try improve quality rather than making fake promises 3. There have been a few providers offering unrealistic prices only to scam customers on account of "intangible goods" excuse. I think now we will see a gradual shift towards realistic pricing with less scammers around. Demerits: 1. Disputes might increase as there are so many things which can be manipulated to claim that the product was not as described. 2. Provider might lose money even when the product was as described because the customer had malicious intent to use the service & then try to get the money back. 3. PayPal employees' lack of knowledge about how things work in hosting industry will result in more providers being unhappy with paypal after the protection for intangible goods is implemented.
  9. Your Favorite Sports?

    Cricket has always been my favorite & I try to watch as many matches as I can. It also has just 10 teams that play at the highest level (ICC Test Championship) so that also makes it easy to keep track of the things. Of course I do watch other sports like Football (Soccer), Field Hockey & Baseball occasionally as well.
  10. Payza

    I have seen it happening multiple times with them for last 4 years that they open, are forced to close because of legal issues, then they suddenly appear after a few months from another country only to get closed again after sometime & this process repeats. Please stay away from them if you take your business & clients seriously.
  11. I hope that was only a suggestion for hosting companies to get their own IPs directly from RIPE/ARIN rather than an open invitation for spammers to sign up with your company :)
  12. Best US state to register an LLC?

    I know a few decent non-US hosting providers who use Incorp Services, Inc. as their agent for the purpose you mentioned. Note: I have no personal experience of using their services.
  13. What module to use with WHMCS?

    "Linux-KVM" is the name of hypervisor, it does not mean that you can run Linux only with it. It just means that the hypervisor itself can be run on a Linux OS only, the dedicated server that you are going to use for creating virtual private servers should have a linux distribution e.g. CentOS, Ubuntu or Debian etc installed to be able to run "Linux-KVM" hypervisor. http://www.linux-kvm.org/page/Main_Page Since every guest (VPS) running on "Linux-KVM" hypervisor uses its own kernel, you can run almost every distribution with it including Windows & FreeBSD. Virtualizor & SolusVM both support this. However with SolusVM you need to have separate master & slaves to be able to run KVM whereas Virtualizor allows you t run any virtualization on the master itself. Both are good control panels, select one which suits your purpose better & looks easier to use for you. It would be better if you try them both for a couple of days before making a choice.
  14. one way to get banned on wable.

    You can at least ask the reviewers to prove that they are clients with a particular host no matter they post a good or bad review. They should send you screenshots of the client area or tickets after blurring out name, address, phone, IP address etc.