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  1. The thing I like about Trump is he has a backbone and is not afraid to tell people how it is whether they like it or not. He does not care if you like him or not, he will tell what he thinks about anything to your face. We need more of this in America. We spend way too much time trying to soften things for everyone. We are to busy being afraid of offending some faith, race, or creed, that the truth is often lost, and this has to stop.
  2. Agreed totally a grand for a freaking phone is insane. Especially when you waited in line for two weeks to for a chance to buy one. I would not wait a week in line for food, I would go out and shoot some first, let alone a phone. I have an Obama phone that makes calls and texts if you punch the buttons like fifty times to make letters. It works and guess what........... it makes calls as a phone should do ffs.
  3. FFS WTH is wrong in America? No wonder why we can't have nice things. I might even be able to afford to have a smart phone when they are this price.
  4. The cesspit / chat thread.

    @HalfEatenPie seems like some one out there would have these. We can not be the only two on the planet who have these, and know how to repair them ourselves.
  5. The cesspit / chat thread.

    Any one know of a place I could get a glass for an Ellipsis 8 tablet? Wife broke hers still works but it is cracked. Ebay does not have any and I am not going back to Verizon if I can help it. Also need it to be cheap as possible. Can wait a bit if I need to also.
  6. Oh yeah I miss my garden man. I have not had one in years and this year that will change. Need to get back to my roots and start canning things up again. :) I like this connection it is fast and seems faster then advertised most of the time. Does streaming well and covers my needs fine. The wife can do her games and what not, so she is happy. We are happy and content, we have what need and then some. Life is good and that is all I can ask for anymore.
  7. The only way Satellite and Cell phone data could come to be serious players is to remove the data restrictions. The cost of those technologies compared to the amount you can use them most could not afford, and would not, them. I am stuck paying right now for a damned useless 2GB of data on my wife's tablet because of a contract. She never uses it but I have to pay $30 a month for it none the less, or get bitch slapped with a fee. In my area we do not have DSL/Fiber options at all. We recently have a wireless company that came to town. Costs me $60 a month for a 3/512, but it is a true 3/512. I do not share that line with thirty others in my neighborhood. I can maxed it daily at any time and keep it there. I live non a sparse budget since my forced retirement. I have thought about starting a hosting company, but I do not have the funds to do it right so I have not done it. I catch some odd jobs here and there , but where I live is rural. No can not afford to move and would not anyways. I like where I live and how I live. I cut my some of my own wood for heat, I hunt and fish. My wife loves the country and so do I, and that will not change any time soon. I have lived in the city in different countries and I do not like it at all. Too many people and too much congestion for me and mine.
  8. The way the world is heading it should be done this way. I know of some banks that actually charge you a fee for sending you statements now snail mail. Not like a dollar fee but five bucks for one and ten for the other. Where I live now the options for high speed are limited to non existent unless you go wireless or cell phone with data caps. The infrastructure would need major overhauls in my neck of the woods for this to happen, and I do not see it coming any time soon.
  9. Saw over at LET that @mikeyur might be doing some cheap colo. Not sure how you feel about them though. I have never had any problems using them. Always been a good service and the support was good.
  10. LowEndTalk/LowEndBox Gets a New Manager

    Vivaldi hates it with a passion. No green lock here. So I would assume it would be the same for chrome. Not saying google would penalize them for it, but I would not look to favorably at it myself.
  11. LowEndTalk/LowEndBox Gets a New Manager

    He must have, I really thought it would be a cold day in hell when they did it. They proved me wrong me though. Hell, MI is a balmy 28 Fahrenheit / -2 Celsius.
  12. Also part of the problem of the layman, they have no clue that they can sue and win. Most people do not understand how their T.V. gets a picture let alone how to protect their data online. Most could give two shits really until they are a victim of identity theft. Then they are all up in arms over getting things compromised. A lot of people think that Lifelock will protect them, when that service does not do anything really. Take my friends story today, He works for a University here and does I.T. work. A member of the faculty, now this is a woman with a P.H.D. mind you, comes to him and wonders why her stuff will print. So he checks it out and finds out that, not only has she not been able to print since November, because she is using the wrong user/pass combo, but she has tried to print the same document five hundred times. The frelling print que is filled with her garbage, and she has been doing this since November. Now after hearing this story, and many more like it, I begin to discover that is just not the layman of the world who do not have a clue anymore. There is a big lack of common sense in this world and that is one sad state of affairs. Logic and reason have gone out the window, and have replaced with the idiocy of the day it seems.
  13. This happens because most companies have no clue about data security in the first place. They farm it out to other companies and expect them to protect it. When it does not happen the way they expect it to they then blame them for not doing their jobs. It is the shit rolls down hill theory. Every one needs some one else to blame other then themselves. It is never their fault, but it always falls some one else. This happens because no one has been responsible for all of this happening. They can get away with this, and nothing happens to any one because it is always some one else who did not do their job, it is never them. Instead of taking the responsibility for the data security in the first place, and doing what it necessary to protect it, they half ass it and let it go at that. They farm it out to the lowest bidder (usually), and then when problems crop up try to do damage control. It is sad fact that the common layman does not know what is happening behind the scenes, and therefore can not even come close to making an informed decision. Some try their best with the information they have, but ultimately if they do not have what they need they are doomed to fail from the start. Most people would not even know what half of the information meant even if they had it begin with, and that right there is a real injustice.
  14. The cesspit / chat thread.

    Most people think of Christians as pushy and not very much fun when it comes to their religion. I am not like that at all. I can appreciate a good joke about God and Christ just like anyone else. I respect others views and do not try to cram my own ways down their throats. If you want to know about my religion I will gladly share it with you, if not that is fine also. We all have our own paths to walk in this world and sometimes mine coincides with others whom are of a like mind, body, and spirit. Just wanted people to know that all Christians are not built the same I guess I am saying.
  15. The cesspit / chat thread.

    Nah that is now St. Valentine's Day. Easter is now right after the birthmas of the Lord just like it always has been. You buy the chocolate rabbits to ward off the coming of the Christ. It is a known fact he is allergic to it and will run from it. P.S. I am a Christian and I will say what I want when I want. If people do not like it oh well sorry is your luck for the day.