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      Dear vpsBoard members and guests:

      Over the last year or two vpsBoard activity and traffic has dwindled. I have had a change of career and interests, and as such am no longer an active member of the web hosting industry.

      Due to time constraints and new interests I no longer wish to continue to maintain vpsBoard. The web site will remain only as an archive to preserve and showcase some of the great material, guides, and industry news that has been generated by members, some of which I remain in contact to this very day and now regard as personal friends.

      I want to thank all of our members who helped make vpsBoard the fastest growing industry forum. In it's prime it was an active and ripe source of activity, news, guides and just general off-topic banter and fun.

      I wish all members and guests the very best, whether it be with your business or your personal projects.



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  1. Happy New Years! 2017!

    Hello!First of all Thank you all for a wonderful 2016! I would like to wish a Happy New Years to everyone around the globe!May 2017 be the year that your favorite Celebrity survives! Thanks!
  2. The cesspit / chat thread.

    I should prob post here more often.. Been giving LET too much love lately.
  3. The cesspit / chat thread.

    I was too drunk and excited to post.
  4. The cesspit / chat thread.

    I put on pants today. We also got our KnownHost shirts for our booth at Word Camp next month.
  5. Soo I moved to Birmingham, Alabama to work at KnownHost! :)

    Eh its so and so.. Still would rather have snow then this extremely ridiculous heat.
  6. Soo I moved to Birmingham, Alabama to work at KnownHost! :)

    Finally added some artwork to my KH-Office
  7. If you are one of my Fellow Americans Happy Independence day! Just a reminder use your head and stay safe everyone!
  8. Hostingcon 2016 to be held in New Orleans?

    Yay I am getting Swag! Who else is going to HostingCon 2016?
  9. If y'all are going to keep this up I am going to need to go buy some popcorn. ;)
  10. ColoCrossing threatens to sue vpsBoard

    LOL! So a company whose business model thrives from fraud and spam and seems to purposely market toward those looking to do that, is threatening to sue over a post saying that they did that? Such irony..
  11. The cesspit / chat thread.

    You know what... You just posted the same thing 4 times. ;)
  12. The cesspit / chat thread.

    @KnownHost-Jonathan Found his new favorite Linux Distro today: http://hannahmontana.sourceforge.net/about.html yes this is actually a thing..and it works..
  13. Soo I moved to Birmingham, Alabama to work at KnownHost! :)

    Officially switched my Drivers license and license plate to Alabama today. My soon to be custom plate. :P