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  1. Hi, First this tool will add Hiawatha .deb repo, but you can use what you want, just don't run install Hiawatha from menu. But if version change, and config files is not the same, you can get some errors. I use Devuan for some time now and I am happy with it, don't need to deal with some odd systemd issues. Last one was that systemd will try to remove UEFI bios settings or something like that, I didn't go to details
  2. Thanks man, i just checked on one small server (not VPS) and this settings use 247Mb of ram, but site is busy one. InnoDB is enabled, i guess if disabled can be even less. Anyway that is good for low end box. But i guess real test will be without InnoDB. I need to check if client use InnoDB if not i will disable and test it. EDIT: Tested and server use 40-50Mb less :). Final test without extra settings give us 200mb of ram is all what you need.
  3. Hi drmike, I can say that i have 512mb vm in my home lab running Devuan (jessie). I have BeagleBone (512mb of RAM) and Pi 2 (1gb of ram). My site running on 2gb Atom server, installed with this script as well. I guess all from 512>Xgb ram vps/server will do. I have a lot of clients servers as well but i don't remember if some of them had less then 512mb of ram. What you need to do, and i will add to script as option, is to disable MySql engine InnoDB. This engine will not perform well on low ram box. If you have some vps with less then 512mb it will be nice if you can test it. I think that this will work with less ram without InnoDB. Hiawatha will only use 50-60mb of ram or less for small site. To disable InnoDB just add inside your my.cnf, under [mysqld]: [mysqld] skip-innodb default-storage-engine=MyISAM
  4. Small update folks. Thanks to people asked for fail2ban. -Install fail2ban (you can set port, you don't need to use 22, because LES and other NAT boxes don't use standard ports) -This will add SFTP protection as well. -Remove fail2ban and settings. Cheers!
  5. Hi all, I posted before about this tool,but i didn't have time for updates last few months and in last few weeks few nice people asked when tool will be updated. I took few evenings hours and i made first version to support Devuan and Debian 8. What this tool is about 1. Easy way to set secure web server 2. Save server setting time 3. Run on Pi 2 and BeagleBone board What this tool do for you Where to get your copy https://gist.github.com/ZEROF/10743343 How to -Save script as hiawatha.sh -Set permission chmod +x hiawatha.sh -Run it ./hiawatha.sh Use it If you can, use it on fresh installed servers. Have fun and send your ideas.
  6. I agree with you k0nsl and because of that i started this project to show to people that Hiawatha can do good job and it's top server solution if you are looking for security. And my work will not stop on this, more to come in the future. In same time i will share that now, all new releases of Hiawatha will be tested by professional coders company before going public and that is big step, no one is doing this.
  7. First hi DigitalPure. This script was made for Debian seven not Ubuntu. Because of this you have this errors. You need to edit some part of script for your system, but it's better if you just run on Debian. Thanks! Second i just updated script to version 0.5. 1. Hiawatha 9.6 (updated from 9.5) 2. MaraDNS 2.0.09 installation 3. Fixing 2 package installation with Debian 7 minimal images (one provider messed up some settings I guess) 4. Now you can chose if you want to set InnoDB or not (idea from couple of users) Source: https://gist.github.com/ZEROF/10743343
  8. Hiawatha was updated in last 24h (v9.5) and because of that i waited to run more tests. I would like to say thanks for 4 people who helped me to fix 2 small issues and to make this tool even better. I made 3 small demo, for every part of tool. I call you to watch them all before messing with your server, all in 10 minutes. Hiawatha 9.5 installation script v0.4(+ php5-fpm,MariaDB)-part 1 Hiawatha 9.5 installation script v0.4 (setting vhost and phpmyadmin)-part 2 Hiawatha 9.5 installation script v0.4 (remove phpmyadmin and vhost,install wordpress,install phpmyadmin)-part 3 Script download: https://gist.github.com/ZEROF/10743343 Hope you'll enjoy it. To do: "Remove wordpress installation" !
  9. Thanks Amitz, I have 2 people already, i wait for 2 more and after i will put v0.4 online and i hope to make new demo tonight. I tested few times too, and all looks fine. Hiawatha was updated too, and i need to run few test today to see if all goes well. For now version v9.4 comes from my repository. You can see small script demo (v0.4) that I made for other testers: https://asciinema.org/a/9092
  10. I need one tester for new version (v0.4). You will need to try phpmyadmin installation, it's almost automatic, don't worry :). I can make demo video if you want. I'm hapy with new code. Phpmyadmin install options are: 1. You will be ask if you want to install phpmyadmin after wordpress installation. 2. You can run installation after setting vhost. This was good coding day, but now i need one or few people before I share v0.4. Thank you !
  11. I didn't look how this was coded, but this don't show my IP address lol. And in 3 line of code you can do that much better.
  12. Ok v0.3b is out: 1. Fixed mariadb secure install script (no solution provided on internet, i got it but myself,it's feel so good) 2. Made preparation for version v0.4 and few other correction ;)
  13. Ok, i will check that again. But it's strange i reinstalled my box 20 times and other people as well. If you can provide ssh i would like to see what is going on, if not i will just put that as option. That is not problem but i need to think about.
  14. Ok, All looks fine, just .. When you set your vhost for wordpres you need to type twice same path, in your case: /var/www/hiawatha. One time when you set vhost, and 2nd time when you set install directory. I use: vhost path: /var/www/hiawatha/wordpress install path: /var/www/hiawatha/wordpress Only issue is TimeForCGI = 5. That was set to 10sec before. Replace that, and then service php5-fpm restart normally will do the job. Because of thinking on small issues, i deleted my phpmyadmin install code by mistake pfff... Here we go again.
  15. Ok, i think that i will udated script to version 0.04, check on https://gist.github.com/ZEROF/10743343 before downloading hiawatha.sh. I have found 2 issues, one script issue (not real issue, just i have better settings idea) and one that come with mariadb secure installation, i will try to patch that before we can run secure installation, but i'm not sure that i have good solution for that in this time. Secure installation will work just fine, but i don't like to see that damm errormessage. I will add phpmyadmin installation as well. A lot to do ....