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      I want to thank all of our members who helped make vpsBoard the fastest growing industry forum. In it's prime it was an active and ripe source of activity, news, guides and just general off-topic banter and fun.

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  1. Are either server 1 or 2 located in Manchester?
  2. Going to leave this here. http://blog.colocrossing.com/?p=313
  3. €1,99 dedicated server

    When 42 is displayed they actually mean > 42.
  4. 15k/pps is pretty low, that'll restrict your clients to 180Mb/s throughput with your standard MTU at 1500. Assuming you're enabling clients with 1Gb/s uplinks, I'd suggest setting the bar at around ~70k/pps.
  5. Clearing the air

    Screenies. Whatever spin you try to put on that, it's looking bad. You're a scumbag.
  6. SpeedyKVM, Dallas, 50GB RAID 10 SSD, $6

    GoDaddy DNS!!?! Jacks-MacBook-Air:~ jackxxx$ dig ns speedykvm.com +short ns70.domaincontrol.com. ns69.domaincontrol.com. Jacks-MacBook-Air:~ jackxxx$
  7. BuyVM(Review) awful experience

    You can drop that act. If you post something here, on the internet, in full public view, you can expect others to drop by and leave their opinions/judgements/two cents/whatever. Other than Francisco giving you unpolished responses, I don't think BuyVM have done anything particularly wrong here. Moving on; you should maybe find somebody else willing to hold you by both hands for $23/mo.
  8. So has Maarten just ruled out the possibility of seeing another CC shill/summer host on LEB for a while? Or.. tin foil hat theory..
  9. I run my own VPN and use it whenever I'm online. Laptop connects automatically at boot, I manually connect my iPhone/iPad when I foresee using it for more than five minutes. Reasons for doing so: Security/conceal IP, keep those UDP floods at bay. (Yes, it's happened.. on my home broadband connection)Better routing. I can connect to my VPN via LINX from most networks I frequent, alleviating any performance issues caused by congested transit ports.Static IP allowing me to restrict/firewall access on other applications without locking myself out whilst at a relatives/friends/public Wi-Fi.Public Wi-Fi - Don't want my traffic going over unsecured Wi-Fi unencrypted whilst using Maccies Wi-Fi/train Wi-Fi etc.
  10. Dependant on what is being backed up. You're not going to find one answer to this question.
  11. Vultr and false claims.

    It's not my job to do anything. I make a few positive comments about Vultr on the internet and the conclusion of the foil hat brigade is that I must be an employee? Do me a favour, you're starting to sound extremely spoilt.
  12. Vultr and false claims.

    The ship seems to be sailing pretty well. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/vultr-announces-unprecedented-growth-in-first-year-300085498.html
  13. RDNS Requests

    There are more reasons for setting rDNS than just mail. I like to do it for good measure and IRC hostnames.