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      I want to thank all of our members who helped make vpsBoard the fastest growing industry forum. In it's prime it was an active and ripe source of activity, news, guides and just general off-topic banter and fun.

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  1. X3host problem

    Good to hear things are fine now. Is there a reason you're not going with a fairly reputable provider like BuyShared or others in the Reviews section? Lifetime hosting, I could see picking one up for testing or just for kicks, but these plans aren't sustainable and usually don't end well. If you aren't doing so already, I'd suggest researching a little on the next provider before ordering. Good luck.
  2. X3host problem

    Site looks to be up from here. I hope you have regular backups anyway. The company under different names doesn't exactly have a history of glowing reviews. https://www.lowendtalk.com/discussion/comment/1910543/#Comment_1910543
  3. I am back.

    Welcome back! Looking forward to the Halloween treats and hosting horror tales.
  4. No plans that offer 2 ipv4 with those specs under 15 USD/year come to mind at the moment. Some possibilities (not affiliated with them nor tried them, usual disclaimer about checking reviews before purchase): Time4VPS XS plan - 512 MB RAM, 20 GB disk, 0.5 TB bw, Lithuania, 0.99 EUR/mo. (about 13.16 USD/yr) Hostodo VZ-512 LET special - 512 MB RAM, 55 GB disk, 2 TB bw, Miami or LA, 12 USD/yr If you can up your budget by 2 USD, there's NodeServ OpenVZ512 Crissic refugee offer - 512 MB, 100 GB disk, 1 TB bw Good luck with your search.
  5. vpsBoard is now adsBoard

    Depends on the sense of the word. Admittedly a lurker here, dropping by a few times a week to read and +like interesting threads (and let the poster know someone read it), and post if I have more to say than +1. (In particular I follow the SBC section, but being busy and waiting on some basic accessories to arrive, haven't got much progress to post.) Anyhow, hello. :)
  6. ARM has legs. Real world use.

    @wlanboy: Which image are you using? Mine arrived this week, it currently has Arch Linux ARM but haven't decided yet on the setup for desktop use. Looking at pairing it with a C1 or Raspberry Pi 3 (2 VNC sessions like workspaces) to get more RAM and processing power. A cluster Pi Dramble-style would be cool.
  7. ARM has legs. Real world use.

    Sorry to hear it still falls out after bending with pliers or other tool. :/ WIll an ODROID-C2 with a USB-SATA bridge fit the bill? http://www.hardkernel.com/main/products/prdt_info.php?g_code=G145197048960
  8. ARM has legs. Real world use.

    If it's this one, it might not need soldering. https://shop.pine64.com/products/push-button-on-off-switch
  9. ARM has legs. Real world use.

    Interested in this EOMA68 device, but I just got a Raspberry Pi 3 and still looking to get one of the ODROIDs, so this will probably have to wait. Libre Tea Computer Card Compliant with the EOMA68 Specification A20 Dual-Core ARM Cortex A7, 1.2 GHz 2 GB RAM 8 GB NAND Micro-HDMI Interface (for 2nd monitor) Micro-USB-OTG (bi-directional power) Micro-SD Card Slot Pre-installed with Parabola GNU/Linux-libre Operating System Respects Your Freedom (RYF) Certification from the Free Software Foundation (currently in progress with no known blockers - a full refund will be available if certification is for some reason not granted) Micro Desktop Housing Tiny size: 4.5” x 4.5” x 0.5” EOMA68 Computer Card slot (user-upgradeable) 2x USB2 ports plus one USB-OTG on Computer Card VGA port Micro-SD Card slot Standard 5.5 mm DC Jack, powered by anything from 7 V up to 21 V Beautiful laser-cut wooden case
  10. Necropost … anyhow, if anyone is just looking for task management (without time tracking and invoice features), there's Taiga. It has a kanban, a very basic wiki and an issues section that integrates with GitHub.
  11. Heads-up for any Bitcoiners using pywallet: a Reddit user discovered that the version of pywallet on SourceForge steals wallets
  12. Introduction thread

    Welcome to VPSB!
  13. That's a funky hard hat around 0:40.
  14. I like Vanilla's recent discussions layout as well as formatting posts with Markdown, the closest thing to that here is probably the Unread Content page, if there were an account setting to swap the forum groups view with unread threads view on the front page. However, IPB seems more robust than Vanilla (maybe because I've installed Vanilla before and saw more of its rough edges, never tried to install IPB) and I'm okay with the current layout. It's well-organised with its top navigation menu, the threads list view is nicely spaced and not cluttered. tl;dr: is susceptible to them newfangled, ADHD-inducing Vanilla layouts but can live with current functional IPB layout. :)