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  1. Merchant Account

    Alright a little status update. I applied with CDGCommerce and they told me for the last week the one bank they use has been giving them a hard time with hosting related companies so they've been trying with another bank. I tell ya if it's not one thing with this industry it's something else. Soooooo as a fall back option does Authorize.net understand our industry? Any recommended authorize resellers?
  2. Merchant Account

    I've thought about talking to them. The only problem is the WHMCS integration.
  3. Merchant Account

    No they haven't closed the account.
  4. Merchant Account

    I'm open to payment gateways, but the main goal is a merchant account. Stripe is the main reason I'm looking into merchant account :P. Applied with them, sent them everything they asked for and didn't hear from them if I was approved. That gave me an idea of the type of support I'd get from them. Yes that's what I've read about 2checkout so I didn't bother. With Stripe all was good until someone claimed fraud on a dedicated server... All detail matched, no bad fraud score etc. I sent them everything I had but they sided with them go figure. I've had 100% success when someone pulls a fast one when calling PayPal but Stripe doesn't seem to have a way to be reach via phone.
  5. Merchant Account

    Thank you for the feedback everyone. I'll take a look at all suggested and see what's going to be the best match :).
  6. Merchant Account

    I looked over it a bit a few days ago but did go into all the details. Is it a true merchant account?
  7. Hello everyone. I'm looking for some suggestions for a merchant account. I for a bank / service that offers a plugin for whmcs (or there is a plugin for download), good customer service and good rates. If anyone can suggest a merchant account service that would be great :).
  8. HostKoi Web Services is pleased to offer you some of our web hosting packages. For a full list of our plans please see our website at www.hostkoi.com Why Choose Us? - 90 Day Money Back Guarantee - Quality Service and Affordable Prices.- Friendly Staff. - Fast Support. - Free Account Migration. - We offer Custom Solutions for your needs. - We offer Shared, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Hosting Services. - Daily Backups. $1 Web Hosting 1GB Webspace 10GB Bandwidth 1 Website cPanel Softaculous Installer Hosting related support only. Only $1.00 a month paid annually Order at http://www.hostkoi.com/clients/cart.php?a=add Unlimited Silver - $5.70 / Month Diskspace: 14GB Bandwidth: Unmetered Domains: 1 Softaculous Included cPanel Included http://www.hostkoi.com/clients/link.php?id=6 Unlimited Gold - $6.70 / Month Unlimited Silver Diskspace: 14GB Bandwidth: Unmetered Domains: Unlimited Softaculous Included cPanel Included http://www.hostkoi.com/clients/link.php?id=7 Unlimited Platinum - $7.70 Unlimited Silver Diskspace: 14GB Bandwidth: Unmetered Domains: Unlimited Softaculous Included cPanel Included http://www.hostkoi.com/clients/link.php?id=8 Contact Us - http://www.hostkoi.com/clients/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=2 Test IP: All plans above are hosted on servers in our West Virginia location. Q: Do you allow adult websites? A: Yes, we allow legal adult websites. Q: What payment options are available? A: Currently we support PayPal, Bitpay and all major Credit Cards. Q: Do offer Ruby on Rails? A: Yes all packages include Ruby on Rails. Q: Do you offer a money back A: Yes we offer a 90 day Money Back Guarantee. Q:Are your servers Wordpress friendly? A: Yes our servers are setup to run fast with Wordpress and other PHP and MySQL web applications. Q: I have a sales question, how can I contact you? A: We can be contacted through [email protected] Q: Do you offer any other services? A: Yes! We offer VPS and Dedicated Servers at a very reasonable price. View our plans on our website. Q: Do you offer managed services? A: Yes we do! Our VPS and Dedicated Server line come with free management options. Please see our website for details. Q: What kind of support do you offer? A: We offer support via our Client Portal and Forums.
  9. What's your car?

    1997 Honda Accord 2003 GMC Yukon XL
  10. The first company name was pretty much just as the name implies. MyBB Hosting Service - a service dedicated to hosting MyBB forums. HostKoi was the idea that I wanted the word "host" in the domain (the first one lacks this). A Koi is very pretty fish that comes from japan, they are part of the carp (goldfish). We've all seen croc and gator in providers but never anything name after a fish. So HostKoi was born.
  11. Who was your first VPS provider?

    My first VPS was with Steadfast back in 2006. Paid $29.95 a month for 7 GB of Disk Space 200 GB of Monthly Data Transfer 128 MHz - Minimum Guaranteed CPU 128 MB - Minimum Guaranteed RAM Fully Managed cPanel http://web.archive.org/web/20060702235244/http://steadfast.net/services/vps.php I remember the VPS kept crashing and kinda turned me off from the VPS world for a while.
  12. I was wondering what live chat software do you use? I've been using Live Helper Chat, it's a free script but works good. Used it to see how much it gets used. Are any of the paid scripts worth buying?
  13. Lol wow :popcorn:. Those prices... someone will jump on them :D.
  14. I'm not really shocked the deal isn't going through. Comcast is huge in my area and quite costly. I'm not too sure who they might go after next but it seems the FCC is really going to give them a hard time due to their history when buying out someone.
  15. Baltimore Burns.

    I have a few family members down in Baltimore, had to call to make sure everyone was ok and they were thank god. It's really sad to see something like that happen. I have no problem with a peaceful protest but when it turns into a riot like that it's a problem. Using violence to make a point isn't the way it goes.