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      I want to thank all of our members who helped make vpsBoard the fastest growing industry forum. In it's prime it was an active and ripe source of activity, news, guides and just general off-topic banter and fun.

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  1. Either how you posted,setup your account was a tip off, or two you used a common entrance point that they saw via analytics.
  2. I have been recently looking over the http code for Lowendtalk.com.... and let me just say it is monitoring central. I think this is being done to find alt accounts / previously shady individuals. In any case, not all of us want to be monitored up the ass... so /etc/host time! ############ # My Config ############ piwik.lowend.io tag.perfectaudience.com intljs.rmtag.com pixel-geo.prfct.co secure.adnxs.com ssl.google-analytics.com s3.buysellads.com www.google-analytics.com I should note that vanilla still does a good job of monitoring, so if you come back via the same ip... they will find you.
  3. ASN-Blocklist

    I am really glad you like it. Let me know if I can add anything to help improve the service or your usage of it. I do really need to rewrite the damn thing with rethinkdb as the backend database at some point in the future. As well as add predicted caching.
  4. All the candidates are pieces of large, smelly, maggot ridden shit, and I want none of them for president.
  5. Happy 2016 everyone, quadranet still is at the spam spam spam game..... ugh!
  6. Has anyone messed with TC http://lartc.org/manpages/tc.txt I want to set this up on proxmox and control certain IPs to have certain traffic shaping. Is this a good idea? Have you noticed issues? Is there extra load? Have you done it on something outside of proxmox? I am just looking for help and info is all. If you have examples I would love to also see.
  7. Alright, so I am new to nodejs from php. As most know, php being linear/blocking made coding *easy* per-say. However, I have found myself loving nodejs, and I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around how to let a nodejs function run async, but then wait for responses of that async function before continuing. Here is some example code var ping = require("ping"); var verHosts = [ '', '' ]; var verStatus = 0; verHosts.forEach(function(host) { ping.sys.probe(host, function(isAlive){ if(isAlive == true) { verStatus++; } }) }); console.log(Date() + " " + "Verified status is at: " + verStatus); if(verStatus > 0) { // continue shiz and giggles here after I get the above}; If you could elaborate as I am trying to learn as well, not just copy paste in dummy mode! Thanks!
  8. https://qwdsa.com/c/threads/hosting-cloudatcost-2015-review.211/#post-562 @souen you were getting around 20MB/S IO? I haven't surpassed 6.....
  9. I actually bought nothing! I was looking at a delimiter blade server though, decided an nearly empty 32 gig and 48 gig server needed to be filled first <.< Sincerely, Munzy p.s. https://git.enjen.net/Munzy/DST-Caves-Windows
  10. How to open port 80 in firewall

    Is your webserver running? What is the output of netstat -tulpn What iptables commands are you using?
  11. Unlike a Toyota which costs a few thousands dollars, an Apple laptop is quite cheap in comparison. As such it is much easier to garner access to such devices. My guess the reason for the apple devices is due to higher security then those on windows platforms.
  12. https://git.enjen.net/Munzy/IPv6-Supporting/blob/master/vps.md https://git.enjen.net/Munzy/IPv6-Supporting/blob/master/colo.md https://git.enjen.net/Munzy/IPv6-Supporting/blob/master/dedi.md These are the hosts that I know support IPv6 or there lack of. Feel free to PM/create issues and I'll add hosts that do or don't have them.
  13. Another lovely day, and another lovely pic.