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  1. Great! And how much have you raised prices on your unmanaged, lowend services? I ask because from what I've seen, the vast majority of customers will leave and go to the next guy who offers the exact same thing at a slightly lower price.
  2. Except that logic doesn't work in markets with extremely low barrier to entry, and there is practically none in the hosting industry.
  3. 100,000

    Freakin' sweet. So jealous. Congrats @MannDude! vpsboard is hosted at GVH, right? At least, that's the rumor I've been spreading.
  4. want a VPS 100% DDOS Protected

    Your other LowEndDDOSProtection options are SecureDragon and Ramnode. Probably others, but be aware that most LowEndProviders who say "DDOS protection included!" are just hosting at OVH, which may or may not meet your needs.
  5. I've looked at: - Elegant Themes (long time subscriber, they seem to be all Divi all the time these days) - StudioPress (have heard mixed reviews of genesis) There's also ThemeForest, MojoThemes, etc but I'd prefer a studio that provides support rather than a large market where you never hear from the dev again.
  6. 100,000

    What did you win? Free lifetime membership to the VPSboard adult section?
  7. How to do the following...

    I don't believe you. In my experience, being a mail admin sucks no matter what you do, and has for at least 25 years. Weird concepts to master, weird syntax (regardless of mail package), arms race with bad guys, shotguns constantly going off as people try to defend themselves, crappy protocols that guarantee nothing and yet everyone thinks mail is ubercritical, etc.
  8. I have Jira setup and running on port 8080. Let's call the server webserver.domain1.com. If I go to http://webserver.domain1.com:8080 I am into Jira. I want to be able to go to http://jira.example.com to get to Jira. I do not want to enter the 8080 part. Note that example.com is hosted on webserver.domain1.com. webserver.domain1.com is running cPanel. Unfortunately, when I go to http://jira.example.com I end up in cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi. Boo. I did find this link: https://confluence.atlassian.com/doc/using-apache-with-virtual-hosts-and-mod_proxy-173685.html httpd -l shows that mod_proxy and mod_proxy_http are built-in, and EasyApache says the same. I've set it up like this, which is just copy/paste from the Atlassian docs. Restarted Apache but...still defaultwebpage.cgi. Changing the proxy to localhost:8080 results in no change. It feels to me like I'm not even getting to that point...? I did open 8080 in ConfigServer, though ultimately I'd prefer it to be off. I did not setup jira.example.com as a subdomain - I figured the proxy instructions would redirect. I imagine there will be a whole new level of fun once I want to get https in the mix... # Put this with your other VirtualHosts, or at the bottom of the file NameVirtualHost * <VirtualHost *> ServerName jira.example.com ProxyRequests Off <Proxy *> Order deny,allow Allow from all </Proxy> ProxyPass / http://webserver.domain1.com:8080/ ProxyPassReverse / http://webserver.domain1:8080/ <Location /> Order allow,deny Allow from all </Location> </VirtualHost>
  9. So in all seriousness and admitting my ignorance, I ask why. The D120 has 4c/8t of 2.2Ghz Xeon. Not a monster but assuming the box was doing very little else besides network and RAID md, is that not enough horsepower to drive RAID10? Ultimately, there will never be more than 80MB/sec or so (assuming 1gbps port) though probably tons of small writes.
  10. Dammit, now I can't stop running numbers :-) OVH Xeon D-120 with 5x6TB, setup maybe 24 x 1TB and sell them for $10-15 each...hmmm...
  11. This sparked an idea in my head, and so I ran some numbers. 7EUR a TB would be great, but let's say you wanted to sell storage for $10/TB. Is that profitable? Maybe if you build the box yourself. Here is what I came up with if you don't: OVH E5, 64GB RAM (overkill), 12x6TB drives, I subtracted 2 for redundancy (didn't get that deep into config, just guessing) and ended up with 60TB capacity for $439/mo. Just pulling it off their site. You'll lose some in filesystem formatting, etc but let's say you get 58 accounts on that box at $10/mo, so your revenue is $580/mo. Oh wait, you need IPs...well, let's say this is ipv6 only. It's 2016 and it's just for backups, so maybe that's OK. Subtract some cash for WHMCS or whatever, a control panel, etc. Maybe you clear $100/mo. Unfortunately, it doesn't scale because you're full and if you add another, you need to fill it up to make $100/mo. You wouldn't need WHMCS again but you get my point. And when it's not full, you're losing, so the margin just isn't there. Then again, OVH does support up to 36 drives in one box... The real problems with this are - OVH support sucks. Ran some website numbers with QPS and others and it just does not work. Keep in mind someone like BuyVM is charging $30/mo/TB, Backupsy is $40/mo/TB, @KuJoe is also at $40/mo/TB, etc. - Although I figured SAS drives, IOPS might still kill you. I trust @Francisco to put a good box together, but even with a pro like that, sometimes I've had awful performance on his storage boxes, and at Hostigation's old backup plans, too. Just way too many people running rysnc nonstop I guess. - You need to be 90% full to break even. $20/TB/mo might be more reasonable, but would lack the "wow" factor that offering $10/TB/mo would. You'd break even at 80% full. Even the cheapest Azure pricing, for example, is .024/GB/mo, or $24/mo. And if you set it at $20/TB, you may well find there aren't 60 people in the world who want that storage.
  12. Team Task Tracking

    Good Lord - you are encyclopedic. Thanks.
  13. LowEndTalk/LowEndBox Gets a New Manager

    What really is the reward for being a LET moderator? Free ColoCrossing VPS in Buffalo?
  14. Have a new team now that is spread out geographically and am looking for something to manage our workflow. I know people ask about these things periodically and yes, I did search, but the landscape for these tools changes every few months. Details: - we're admins, so I'm not tracking software/bugs/etc. Don't need source code/github/etc integration - For us, we need to track projects with tasks/subtasks (maybe), not Remedy/ServiceNow/WHMCS/etc. tickets. - My short list is Asana, Trello, Basecamp, Jira. The latter two are kind of expensive (we're at 11 users and will grow...Jira in particular jumps from $10 to $1800). Some people have recommended Redmine which I haven't looked at. - Would be interested to see what's self-hostable...more around "OMG YOU PUT OUR SECRETZ ON THE CLOUDZ!" than for cost. Any big, awesome ones I'm missing?
  15. I'm a Trekker rather than a Star Wars fan, which is why I hope JJ Abrams' private plane crashes and we go back to making Star Trek movies instead of Star Wars movies using Star Trek props. Much more interested in the upcoming TV show than another lame JJA action movie.