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  1. The post title says Kansas, but the post itself does not. Are your services available in Kansas? And if so, how do I select that location when ordering?
  2. Found this site...

    Was kind of wondering that myself :)
  3. Booze.rocks is the site. Hosted on a BuyVM VPS. Cool.
  4. From the looks of it on HE's Incero IPv4 prefix list, you have essentially If I were to purchase a VPS in Dallas, would my IP address be in that range? Also, in regards to IPv6, I see you guys don't do /64 blocks, so would it be possible to get an address ending in :2 (or better yet, ::2)? If both of these are a go, you could be just what I'm looking for.
  5. Again, looking at the order page linked, it is clear that the CA is AlphaSSL, which is "powered by" GlobalSign
  6. Click any of the order links and you'd see that there is a free wildcard addon option.
  7. When I saw you now had IPv4 plans I kind of hoped they'd have the same nice location selection as the NAT plans :(
  8. VPS/VPN Provider Promo from Incero

    Can you do a /48 IPv6?
  9. The new year thread

    Less than fifteen minutes to go until the continental U.S. sees the first of the new year!
  10. vpsBoard Top Providers of 2014 voting.

    BuyVM gets 3 points from me for pure innovation, as well as customer service and community presence. I'd give them all five of my points, but I want to also give points (one each) to Crissic and RamNode for reliability. Final tally: BuyVM: 3 points Crissic: 1 point RamNode: 1 point
  11. Same here. Guess it's probably a good idea, so I'm running a backup now with gmvault. Hope I never have to use it.
  12. Crissic Yearly 512MB

    An update, by request. The last few months have for the most part seen the same level of support and performance. Just yesterday, though, I noticed upon logging in that the server was very laggy, taking a long time to run even a BIND reload. A disk speed test showed under 10MB/s. I opened a ticket just after midnight EST. Five minutes later I got a reply offering to move my VPS to a new node, which when completed brought the speed back up to proper levels (over 200MB/s). Since my last post in this thread, Crissic have opened a new location in Los Angeles. As soon as servers were available I purchased one, and the service has been exemplary there too. The deal I got has 100GB of disk space, so I've been using it as a backup box, but it also hosts a couple of websites and some remote databases. It excels at all these tasks. Again, in short, I would not hesitate to recommend Crissic to anyone who is looking for an excellent service at an inexpensive price.
  13. Justification for IPv6?

    The text in that box is not shown by default, I wrote that there to make a point.
  14. Merry Christmas! (Gifts Inside)

    Now that it's been 12 hours, I'm curious: how many entries are there? I'm wondering what the odds look like :P