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  1. The cesspit / chat thread.

    I have to say, I'm disappointed. I come back to get a laugh from the tinfoil shitstorm I figured would be brewing here after last night and... nothing.
  2. The cesspit / chat thread.

  3. Good & Cheap DDOS Protected Windows VPS

    Fran fixed your broken firewall because you were too lazy to do so yourself. And you lied about not being able to use the console, I could see the same IP you submitted tickets with accessing the Console without issue. So how about you stop wasting everyone's time and just move on to finding a host that'll tolerate you.
  4. Good & Cheap DDOS Protected Windows VPS

    Oh, you're nothing special, I'm just the one that deals with our troublemakers. If it makes you feel any better, I'll have forgotten all about you by this evening.
  5. Good & Cheap DDOS Protected Windows VPS

    Actually, what I told you was the console was working just fine, so you had no excuse as to why you did not even *try* to fix the problem yourself. Especially when said problem was your own mistake (poorly configured firewall), and by no means any kind of problem or flaw with the service we were providing.
  6. Good & Cheap DDOS Protected Windows VPS

    The domain you wanted to use made the intention quite obvious. Your attitude has made why we banned you from our network quite obvious. I don't think anything more needs to be said.
  7. Good & Cheap DDOS Protected Windows VPS

    It wasn't suspended, the order was never processed. I refunded that order the same day you placed it, and informed you that we do not host phishing sites.
  8. Good & Cheap DDOS Protected Windows VPS

    Ashok did offer to help, because he was unaware of this client's history. I brought him up to speed, let him know I would take over the ticket, and proceeded to deal with the client.
  9. Good & Cheap DDOS Protected Windows VPS

    What this greek isn't telling you is that this wasn't the first time we told him that we weren't going to manage his service for him. Him running to Fran instead of managing his own service (note how his own firewall was the issue, again) is partially why he was removed. We have a support system for a reason, use it. If I inform you of our policies, such as "this isn't a managed service, you have to at least try to fix it yourself" and you immediately try to go over my head to get your way? Things aren't going to end well for you. Top it off with the guy violating our TOS, and being given more than a few chances to calm down and actually read what we were telling him. But, he doesn't bother to show you the tickets where we did repeatedly fix his issues until we got fed up with him. If you want to maintain a long term relationship with a provider, maybe try not constantly taking advantage of their good nature. And for the record, his account was never deleted. It was closed, to prevent him from being able to log in and waste any more of my time with his arguing.
  10. Good & Cheap DDOS Protected Windows VPS

    Nope, frantech.com is not us, likely just a typo on his part. For the record - "rude" typically translates to "I violated the TOS and am now throwing a tantrum because Aldryic wouldn't let me have my way", so I'm interested to see if he provides a ticket ID as proof that he was even a client with us.
  11. Good & Cheap DDOS Protected Windows VPS

    Why don't you elaborate a bit on how BuyVM was rude to you; we'd love to hear more and shed a bit of light on the situation. Perhaps you have a Ticket ID I can reference and review.
  12. The cesspit / chat thread.

    Fail2Ban is your friend. I put a script in place that acts as a global fail2ban for our nodes, and the number of compromised containers dropped drastically once that went into place.
  13. What are you listening to right now?

  14. I've been meaning to get around to building panels to put on my roof, just haven't really had the time to do so. That'll be a good project once I'm done rebuilding the kid's Marlin and get some free time.
  15. The gun thread

    Welp... haven't posted in awhile, figured it was about time for an update. Cleaned up my workshop a bit today, put some new grips on my Beretta, figured it was time to get some updated pics up. M91/30 Mosin Nagant, in 7,62x54r. This beast is an absolute cannon, and the Boyd stock makes it a very comfortable shot. The Finnish version, M39. Better length of pull than the default 91/30 stock, and fantastic condition. From the irons, I average 2,5" groups at 300y after shaving the front sight from a block to a finer point. Last of my 54r rifles, a Molot Vepr. Puts crappy PSLs to shame - this is probably the closest you can get to an actual Dragunov without shelling out 10k+. The Vepr54's little brother - chambered in 7,62x39, Molot makes the finest quality AK platform you can find. I'll be replacing that synthetic handguard with a proper wooden grip pretty soon, and staining to match the 54. Yugoslav SKS, 7,62x39. Fantastic condition - that's the original stock, not a replacement. One of my favourites - you can shut off the gas system and effectively turn it into a bolt-action rifle, which will blow the minds of anyone claiming that the x39 is an inherently inaccurate round. 200y, I average 2" groups with the irons. Was looking around for a 45ACP, ended up picking this bad boy up at a recent gunshow. Was a toss-up between this or Ruger's 1911, but I *really* do not like the backstrap safety so prevalent on most 1911s, so the SR45 was the winner. Also my first polymer frame pistol, which I'm a bit iffy on (I do *not* like Glocks and Glock clones), but it's winning me over. The only real gripe I have is the weird rear sight - it looks a bit like a rounded hill, which makes proper sight pictures awkward. Work in progress. I really wanted the original TT-33, but thanks to their scarcity at decent prices I went with the Romanian TTC instead. Have some rather nice wooden Marschal Grips coming in, and I'll be plugging the hole in the frame left behind from the removed safety. The 7,62x25 Tok rounds don't have significant recoil, but I ended up leaving the compensator bushing since the boom puts most 357s to shame >_> Another recent acquisition, and in need of proper panels. Star's Super B was mass-produced for the Germans during WWII when Walther couldn't keep up with Luger production. This pistol is chambered in 9mm, and is *ridiculously* accurate - with a little concentration I have no problem keeping a 3" group at 50y. Easily the most accurate handgun I own. Keeping with 9mm - Ruger's P89 was my first handgun. An absolute dream to shoot, the only modification I've made was the addition of the CrimsonTrace laser grip. I don't believe in lasers for target shooting, but this was my open-carry pistol for a very long time, and in an "oh shit" situation you don't always have time for a proper sight picture, and every second counts. Ridiculously rugged - I've fired at least 25,000 rounds through this pistol, and all of the factory parts are still intact and in great shape. Was pretty torn between the M9 and the 92FS (yes, I know the differences are negligible). Ended up with the 92FS, and after swapping the polymer guide rod for steel and replacing the original grips with these beauties, this is my current open carry piece and probably my favourite of the bunch. P-64 Makarov. My current concealed/backup carry, and despite it's small size a very comfortable handgun to shoot. Some folks insist on 45ACP for personal carry - I've seen firsthand what these hot-loaded 9x18 HP rounds can do, and am more than comfortable with it's capability. The only downside to this piece is the slide won't lock to the rear without a mag in place, and it utilizes that funky release at the bottom of the magwell. Not ideal for fast reloading, but if I managed to miss 8 rounds in close quarters then I didn't stand a chance to begin with. (Yes, I'm a Ruger fanboy. Blow me.) Picked this piece up when 9mm (my usual go-to for target and practice shooting) spiked awhile back to take advantage of the low cost of 22LR. Currently my daughter's favourite, since it fits her hands comfortably and doesn't have near the kick of the Makarov. Was going to snap a few picks of the ammo cabinet and gun safe as well, but was a bit too dark. Perhaps another day.