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  1. For the average site is it better to host your own DNS or use a company like dnsmadeeasy, cloudflare (without all the features) or your domain registar's dns hosting? Why?
  2. How do you find the motivation to script and code? Everything I think I may want to make or do pretty much already exists in a supported and stable platform.
  3. That time of year to do Christmas/holiday shopping again. What are neat tech products out that you guys are looking at?
  4. Thanks. Anyone else have anything to share?
  5. Have been looking and it seems like every web host uses intel processors in there servers... why is that? Why no AMD?
  6. I want to build a budget gaming PC and was wondering what is better. I do not play many games at all but want a gaming PC that I can use for media and stuff too.
  7. When should you use SSL?

    When do you need to use it? What if your site isn't public facing is there any benefit in having an SSL?
  8. Sorry guys I forgot about this. Never did set it up. Anyone have other suggestions before I try something?
  9. One server is a file server and the other is the website. They are related so if someone is blocked on one they should be blocked on both. I will look at rsync to do this. Any other suggestions?
  10. What is the best way to do this so that if someone tries to brute force ssh into one server or do something that would get them blocked by fail2ban that it also blocks them on other servers ?
  11. Thank you! I know this is a kinda old post but this helped me a lot!
  12. That is what I think also but feel like even in areas like Egypt or China that good customers exist too. Are there any known hosts that openly decline service to certain parts of the globe?
  13. Was chatting with someone who said he wanted to refuse service to people from certain countries as he says it's not worth supporting them. Hard to understand their requests, want more things for little money and have the highest rate of abuse. Should service providers be able to outright block entire countries from ordering? For example, block all non English speaking countries or block all high risk countries or whatever?
  14. How often do you update your servers?

    Thanks. I do not know if I should run automated updates as sometimes updates break stuff or will stop a service until it has user input so I do not want to run automated on a cron job but will check it more often.