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  1. When should you use SSL?

    SSL is a must in any web browser now, whether that be a CloudFlare Free SSL or your own EV Certificate. It shows trust that you are protecting your visitors/customers data, however they interact with your website. As of 2017, Chrome have also implemented higher CEO results in search engines as well as the browser showing a grey "i" icon showing it is not a secure connection. Even a basic Comodo PositiveSSL Certificate costs barely anything per year ($7/yr) or Geotrust RapidSSL Certificate ($13/yr) - it won't break the bank - yet brings out the trust in a website, @MannDude, @HalfEatenPie &@MartinD you might want to consider getting SSL for VPS Board as your SSL Certificate expired on the 5th of this month... Contact me if you need one - can give you a free PositiveSSL or RapidSSL if you need one...
  2. Dual L5640, 16GB ram, UK HOSTED - MyServerPlanet ltd

    How come you only offer 16GB DDR3 ECC RAM, a bit low don't you think, as you don't have any options to upgrade the RAM via the order page? Why not include a larger Memory (32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB DDR3 ECC), considering it can go up to 288GB DDR3 ECC RAM? We may just try getting this processor in stock...
  3. SolusVM or Proxmox ?

    Personally I would prefer SolusVM over Proxmox, just simply because of features available & as others have stated proxmox doesn't seam to be the best for VPS virtualization. Virtualizor is becoming extremely popular as it is easy to use while not compromising on features.
  4. I believe it is still in the wrong forum? This offer isn't a VPS offer, it is a shared/reseller offer @HalfEatenPie correct me if I'm wrong...
  5. SSD-KVM East Coast 2Cores / 4GB /Yearly

    Your Budget is far to small for a server of that spec on SSD Hard Drives. Storage: 60GB SSD RAM: 6GB DDR3 ECC RAM CPU: 4 Cores @ 2.20GHz Bandwidth: 10TB @ 100Mbps Location: New York, United States You are looking more in the $900/yr and $75/mo for a virtual server & around $1000/yr for a dedicated server.
  6. Could I just point out the Avast! Anti-Virus blocks the securewebcloud.com site Infection: URL:Mal Object: https://www.securewebcloud.com/ https://securewebcloud.com/frontend/images/swc-net-cloud-2u-hp-order-1.png This image in the thread is also getting blocked by Avast! Anti-Virus for the exact same infection.
  7. Intel Xeon E3-1240 v5 | Servers4You | New York, US

    Servers4You has now launched it's second newest processor on the v5 series. Our newest server processor is the Intel Xeon E3-1270 v5 Processor. Starting at £250/mo [Was: £320/mo], this server again has multiple server configurations including Hard Drives, RAM to the Operating System (Including Windows 2008 & 2012 Standard R2 Editions) and optional server management. This server is located in the Iomart Data Center in Maidenhead, London, United Kingdom. The server also supports IPv6 allocation. Default Configuration: 4x 2000GB Hard Drive Disk [SSD Available] 20TB @ 1Gbps Public Uplink 48GB DDR3 ECC RAM 4 Cores @ 3.60GHz 1 IPv4 Address [Additional @ £3/mo per IPv4] Configure Here: u.mymbs.eu/UK_Intel_Xeon_E3-1270_v5 Servers4You currently only has 12 dedicated servers with the Intel Xeon E3-1270 v5 Processor.
  8. Servers4You has recently launched a brand new site design, along with this, a brand new line of Dedicated Servers. Regardless of what you are looking for, Servers4You has the right type of server for your needs. If you require something that isn't publicly offered, we are just a quick form away from providing you what you need. Our newest server processor is the Intel Xeon E3-1240 v5 Processor, which is currently in the launched status, starting at just £110/mo (Was: £160/mo) and has multiple different configuration options from Hard Drives to RAM and options for fully managed or self-managed. The dedicated server is located in the Dupont Fabros Data Center in New York. The server also has options for different operating systems including the most recognized CentOS, Ubuntu & Debian options. Although not publicly offered, we can also provision the server on Windows 2008 R2 and 2012 R2 (both Standard Editions). Default Configuration: 1x 1000GB Hard Drive Disk [SSD Available] 10TB @ 1Gbps Public Uplink 16GB DDR4 ECC RAM 4 Cores @ 3.5GHz 5 IPv4 Addresses Configure Here: u.mymbs.eu/US_Intel_Xeon_E3-1240_v5 Servers4You currently only has 7 dedicated servers with the Intel Xeon E3-1240 v5 Processor.
  9. What is your preferred web server?

    I think I've only ever personally used Apache for my projects on a web server.
  10. I like the OnApp control panel, that has tons of features that has tons of API features, other than that I love how SolusVM is built, again it is extremely popular.
  11. Where could I look at the test, we could have a look into it and maybe sponsor, give us a pm?
  12. VPS with cPanel

    @William Please send us a direct message or open a support ticket on our site and we will sort you out with one.
  13. VPS with cPanel

    @William We do not "resell" from other companies, we maintain our own servers (even if it a pain sometimes with upgrades & the cost of system administrators and technicians etc), we have less locations than "DediServe" as we haven't been around as long. Just looking at the locations they have, we do not have any servers in Buffalo or Los Angeles. We are however looking into getting virtual servers in Portland (US) and Melbourne (Australia). However, if you are looking at our site (Servers4You & Musicboxset Limited) it is hosted on the DediServe "Docklands, United Kingdom" location so it is out of our network to ensure that our site is accessible if our network goes down for whatever reason. Musicboxset Limited (our parent company) starting selling ResellerClub Dedicated Servers around 6 months ago, then went onto our racks, we now sell Dedicated Servers in the United Kingdom, United States, France & Lithuania (believe me, its hard to set things up in Lithuania), we are now looking at launching servers in The Netherlands.
  14. VPS with cPanel

    It was December 1st? Pretty sure they've found something by now.
  15. That has completely made by day, literally had a laughing spurt along with some colleagues!