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  1. I'm in brazil right now and can still use WhatsApp over WiFi. From what i've heard is that they blocked mobile carriers only.
  2. I'm going to see about getting a server or two on there. It seems pretty good with the screenshots etc. Do you have any idea on prices after launch etc? Cool! Not sure on pricing yet but planning to have a starting packing from $5-$10 per month with a few servers/domains included. Of course beta testers will get a bump up when signing up for paid package. There will also be a free plan with limited data retention. For now I'm looking for some testers for a new python powered agent (requires python 2.7). This agent can monitor mdadm (software raid), nginx, apache and mysql. If you're willing to test the new agent sent me a PM/reply/or e-mail me at vincent at nixstats . com (Monitoring 1200+ servers now!)
  3. Just implemented SMS notifications for both domains and servers, will be free of charge during the beta (fair use policy). Monitoring almost 800 servers now, still looking for more beta testers :)
  4. The cesspit / chat thread.

    Just got the first sample shirt for NIXStats, end of the month I'll give away 10 shirts to beta testers :-) You can still sign up with invite code VPSBOARD
  5. PayPal Micro Transactions

    I thought so too but apparently not -> https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/helpcenter/helphub/article/?solutionId=FAQ664&topicID=PAYMENT_METHODS&m=TCI
  6. There were some issues last weekend on the backend due too some infrastructure changes (db server was very slow and under heavy load). On most system it won't cause very high load, even on very low spec servers with 128mb ram it seems to run without much interruptions. It might cause some load since it pings for statistics on the system every second, might change this in the future to for example every 5 seconds. I'll take a look into the false positive alerts, was the server in question pingable by it's IP or was ICMP blocked? Anyways I've just changed some config issue that I forgot about a few days ago, which cause every request on nixstats to be fetched from a server about 15ms away from the frontend, made everything very slow, it's a lot faster now. I can see some people running nixstats on RP's :)
  7. Monitoring multiple servers?

    If you give nixstats a try you can use the invite code VPSBOARD, let me know if it works for you or if you need any help with it :)
  8. It's been a little over 2 weeks now since I've started the beta of nixstats. Monitoring almost 500 servers now! I noticed yesterday in my mandrill account that I send about 1400 notifcation in 24 hours, seems like a lot :) If you guys have any feedback on the amount of notifications and if you noticed any false positives let me know. Hope to cross the 500 servers mark today, 6 servers to go :)
  9. Little update: - non root agent is now online. - group your servers - public status page with custom CNAME domain and custom logo - Server overview page has been improved, now it actually is an overview instead of just a list. - Just crossed the 300 servers mark, 108 beta users and 184 domains. Here's a screenshot of the overview page: Now onto making a server availability function (probably combination of time last received agent data and pinging of the IP's).
  10. Last forum i used/installed was vbulletin and the code was a mess (vb4.x). Discourse seems interesting, like the way it looks.
  11. Thanks! Currently working on a non-root monitoring agent. Simplicity was really important when developing nixstats :)
  12. Aah I see well time to get back on-topic then ;-)
  13. mongodb has improved a lot and 3.0 has huge performance increases, also setting up a sharded cluster is a lot easier when using MMS. I suppose you're a postgresql fan their seems to be a lot of heat coming from the postgresql crowd ;) choosing a database is also a personal choise, some programmers prefer postgresql others prefer mongodb, all depends on your way of thinking/solving problems.
  14. You should never run mongodb on a 32 bit os in production. As for data integrity, i have read about that but it mostly came down to people not running it in the right setup (read the manual ;). MongoDB did used to write/update silently/blindly but since about a year it does (before you had to use writeconcern). I wouldn't say it being non-relational is a "problem". I guess you could store all in a relational matter but that doesn't mean that's always the ideal way to do things.
  15. Privacy and security are just as important to me as they are to you. I give you the option to either monitor your own domains and servers or let me help you doing so. Thanks! Yes it is similar to nodequery, the agent is open source. Currently the agent/installer are hosted on nixstats.com but will be moved to github later. There are still some issues/bugs with the agent (depending on your servers os) that will be resolved this week.