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  1. ONAPP & SOLUS Alternative! Preview :)

    Hello Guys, Sorry we had a bit of a delay, this week (monday-tuesday) you will be able to setup the opensource part of the platform: VirtEngine GitHub Through our documentation: VirtEngine Documentation Also check out the following parts of our website: VirtEngine - OpenSource Cloud Platform VirtEngine Blog VirtEngine Forums Contact us if you want to setup ([email protected] a trial on your own servers, and we will also have a public demo soon. Thanks everyone for your feedback.
  2. ONAPP & SOLUS Alternative! Preview :)

    Hello, here's our current timeline: V1.0 VirtEngine can be used for production, this is EST by November 1st 2016 V1.5 We are building migration tools at high priority for any KVM machines to be imported into OpenNebula / VirtEngine automatically which includes SolusVM/OnApp/Virtualizor automatically through our launcher. Which means you can also install our software on-top of your Compute nodes and import the VM's into VirtEngine. This is EST by February/March 2017 V2.0 Yes we will be eventually supporting multi clouds such as: CloudStack Proxmox OpenStack We will also offer AWS/DigitalOcean/Azure/Google Cloud Platform migration for the end-user, so the user will be able to import their profile from these companies and migrate any VM from there.
  3. ONAPP & SOLUS Alternative! Preview :)

    Yes that is what the snapshot functionality allows you to do. They have to either schedule a snapshot or taken one and then they can revert to back to it in the future.
  4. ONAPP & SOLUS Alternative! Preview :)

    Hello, this will explain the type of high availability and backups we support: https://docs.virtengine.com/v1.5/16-high-availability/ha_failover/
  5. ONAPP & SOLUS Alternative! Preview :)

    Snapshots are a form of backup for Virtual Machines, as they can also be directly downloaded via the storage system if the client would like to or they can be used to revert to a state. Our storage system as well is redundant, meaning that one failed server will not cause any data loss, which is additional security - this is part of the High Availability feature.
  6. ONAPP & SOLUS Alternative! Preview :)

    Our whole platform is redundant, including our Storage as a Service (Block & Object Storage). We support snapshots, which are a form of backup, they are stored in the Storage as a Service system which includes its own redundancy. The client is then billed based on the Storage as a Service pricing (per GB of usage) We already posted the pricing details under the two editions with their features. Check out this demo of launching a cloud server with our platform: You can find more information in our documentation while we are revamping our website: https://docs.virtengine.com Thanks
  7. ONAPP & SOLUS Alternative! Preview :)

    Hey guys, We just launched our Virtualization brand under http://virtengine.com - join our mailing list and you'll be able to get amazing offers when we release in a couple weeks.
  8. ONAPP & SOLUS Alternative! Preview :)

    For billing we have two options: When elastic virtual machines are available in the future, then billing will work by accumulating the used resources over the hour. For example, if the VM starts off with 1GB ram for the first 10 minutes, then switches to 2GB for 10 minutes, then switches back to 1GB for the rest - 40 minutes. Then that hourly charge would be the cost equivalent of the total resource footprint the user used. So in this case, if the provider is charging $10.00/mo for a 1GB ram VPS -> Which is on average $0.013/hr then instead of $0.0138 for this hour, the client will be charged $0.161 (13% more) It's simply based on math and isn't a tough thing to solve :) Regarding a Home Appliance, we will be supporting private clouds at a different pricing model (haven't been worked out yet).
  9. Hey VPSBoard, A year ago, I posted about a 'solus' reseller theme that transformed solus reseller into a self serve VPS platform, anyways - I've taken the idea a step forward and made it my full time job. I decided instead, that SolusVM & OnApp need some fair competition - here's the end result: We @ http://det.io have been working on a SolusVM & OnApp alternative heavily on the past 12 months, and within the next few weeks will have a full release ready :) The platform will allow you to offer the following: - Virtual Machines - Containers - - Platform as a Service - One-Click Apps - 100's of Bitnami Applications - Plenty of One-Click apps maintained by DET.io - - Custom Applications - - - Services that can be attached to Applications: - - All applications launched through PaaS are scalable: - High Availability -Storage as a Service: If you enjoyed the screenshots and would like to be notified when the software is released (and get special pricing for being an early subscriber) you can join our mail list here: http://eepurl.com/cekk1z We don't spam, we haven't sent a mass email since we started collecting emails - and will be manually contacting you once our software is released :) Here's a quick preview video: And here's pricing & features: Regarding the monthly cost, the cost is capped at 64GB RAM per Node, meaning the max cost is $16/mo/node for the Minified Edition & $32/mo/node for the Complete Edition with no hidden costs. Our pricing model is designed to allow providers with small hypervisors (8/16/32) GB ram not have to pay as much as providers that use E5's with 128/256GB ram per node. (because small providers that can't afford the big dog machines need a fair go) Thanks heaps for reading this :)
  10. Cloud DEMO (New Panel) ~ DTraffic

    Thanks for the feedback, this is simply v1 with all the current working features enabled. Our v1.1 will come with all these new features (Graphs for Bandwidth, I/O, CPU, RAM) Will be available for both KVM & OVZ. VirtKick's design was used for our first release in order to get things started, definitely not permanent (Simply an awesome design to start with though) - Our next release which will be fully operational within 1-3 weeks will come with an absolutely new design. Because 15% is an overkill. Networking is disabled for the meantime to avoid abusers on the demo, I can however spin you up with the VNC enabled so you can have a look. I have made it clear in the original thread, it's not custom codded (Simply a layered panel).
  11. Hello vpsBoard, So around last week I created this thread - https://vpsboard.com/topic/6780-virtkick-interface-integrated-with-different-platform/#entry91124 I've allowed around 40 VPS's worth of resources to be created on the account (256MB), the machines will be deleted every time the limit is reached so new ones can be created. Currently, you can access our live demo @ Current features that are supported in this demo of the panel: If you'd like to be notified once the service is operational - Please follow this link:http://eepurl.com/bi0vAH We will only email you once the service is released with a special promotion. We will not spam/sell your email. Note: This service will be available as an IaaS & SaaS solution (For both providers and clients).
  12. Ever since VirtKick was introduced, I loved the idea. - However when they switched from open-source to a SaaS solution, I was completely turned off and ever since decided to integrate their interfaces with a backend like 'proxmox' (I'm not going to reveal what backend however, and since the opensource version of Virtkick also includes the interfaces - I'm within my rights to use it). Over the last week it's been on its final stages - Basically I just finished the automation platform (Signup-> Account automatically created) in ClientExec's billing software. Basically so far, you can create your own machines at any time (each 256mb of resources comes with it's own IP, so if you purchase a 2GB plan you will be able to create either 8 vps's or 1 vps with upto 8 IP's - You get the point. - You can delete the servers, reinstall them or Add/Remove Ip's) Think of it as being able to carve up a cake into pieces. You buy the resource block and carve it up to design your own infastructure. The platform won't be a 'true-cloud solution' - no h/a, load balancers, etc - and available at a lowend price. It will however be similar to DigitalOcean's servers - Except with the ability to chose your own Virtualization on the creating process (So far between OVZ & KVM - I could implement Xen if it gets popularity) It will have DNS integration & an Application Launcher (Launch from 100+ applications in a click, using turnkeys prebuilt templates for OVZ) KVM Will have the ability to create windows machines too. Basically the only thing left is Hourly billing - Would you guys be interested even if hourly billing is not implemented? Thanks and let me know what you guys think. If you'd like to be notified once the service is operational - Please follow this link: http://eepurl.com/bi0vAH
  13. SolusVM 2

    I have a feeling H/A won't be coming...