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  1. Accounting Software

    I use GNUCash. I'd recommend taking a look at it.
  2. my login credentials to the Interworx panel haven't been working. I reset the pass and still not working. I emailed their support a couple days ago, still no response. I'd say that Interworx lost out to the big giant.
  3. Finding Leads

    Hi All! Just wondering what you might do to help you identify good leads. I've been working contacting local web design and development firms, offering my services. But, I haven't gotten a good result. The other tactic I've used is replying to people on Reddit who are asking for help; still, not good results. Just curious if anyone has any tips or tricks they are willing to share :)
  4. If I were willing to uproot from college, family, politics & life in NH I would definitely apply. It looks like a sweet job! You've got a great company there.
  5. is vpsboard dead?

    gotta get those advertisements out! without advertising another site on here, is there another board everyone's been going to? WHT is like nazi moderation and they banned me for no reason at all and refuse to unban me.
  6. @drmike are you still looking for someone?
  7. Buy Microsoft License

    I'm interested in how to get signed up as an office 365 reseller? I've signed up on their partner page but can't find any info on where to manage licenses or anything? insight?
  8. is vpsboard dead?

    I've been coming back every now and again to see if there are any new threads, but it seems to be all the same old stuff. The service requests forum hasn't had a post in almost 3 months. Is it dead here? Who still comes and visits frequently? What can we do to get things going here?
  9. I noticed this with WebHostingTalk. I don't know what their deal is, but they banned me for no reason, then I came back and made an alt with a different IP, different browser, cleared all the cookies and stuff from the site and they still caught me as an alt. I'd be interested to hear how they did it.
  10. What's your email setup like?

    I've always thought that doing things through skype is unprofessional. Skype is a platform really geared towards personal use, not business use. I'd rather use something more professional such as email.
  11. I know that there is a really good guide on here to running your own email server, and I've used it in the past. Recently, I've been working on trying to get an Exchange 2016 server setup. I had used Office365 some with my School District, and really liked it (surprisingly). I found Office 365 to be too expensive for my cheap tastes, so I decided to try and run an Exchange 2016 server myself using an MSDN license key that I have through bizspark. Saying a lot of words I don't like to use during the setup, and still not having a functioning Exchange server, I've been prompted to ask - what does everyone use for their email setup? Since email is arguably one of the most important parts of businesses in the 21st century, I'm wondering what people have had success with. I've personally migrated between probably 4-5 different setups over the past 2 years, including Gapps, Rackspace hosted, cPanel, an external SMTP and IMAP server, and now finally (maybe) Exchange. I'm wondering what everyone has had success with! Thanks <3
  12. Because people are paying for the name. Why does someone buy the Corvette when the Honda does just fine? Another thing is sometimes they will offer like $1 million in insurance for hacked sites or whatever, they all probably don't do that. So it might be feature (addon) based as well.
  13. That's the big thing. Many big businesses, specifically financial, medical, and other systems that process sensitive records and are subject to further regulation on security will not be using the free certificate they can get. They will be using EV and other more advanced solutions.
  14. I think the current situation is more wrong, returning the poor guy's front lawn. Return some arbitrary value that isn't the guys house.
  15. What's for Lunch?

    two hot dogs and some doritos. Can't forget the mountain dew!