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  1. Chattr Ltd is proud to announce the launch of DevCapsule, a new VPS provider based in Manchester. As some of you may already know, over the past few months we’ve been working hard building our own platform and getting our initial Manchester location ready for launch. Our platform consists of a brand new control panel and a 3 step server deployment process. It features - Within 60 second deployments – from Click to Online in seconds noVNC Console direct to your server Detailed Usage Graphs Hourly Billing One-click reinstalls Custom ISO’s – simply provide a URL SSH Keys – add a public key and authenticate with your server as soon as it’s deployed DNS Management BGP Sessions As mentioned above our initial location is Manchester, based in the Trafford Park M247 Datacentre with connections to LINX providing low-latency connections across the UK and Europe. We’ve got a wide variety of plans available to meet your needs (only our smallest plan meets LET’s rules), our smallest plan offers – 1 vCPU 768MB RAM 10GB 100% SSD Storage 1000GB Transfer For just £3.50 per month or £0.005 per hour. To deploy or see our other plans signup here We accept PayPal as a payment method. We’ve got plans to expand to other locations and are currently in talks with suppliers, subject to high demand The Netherlands is high on our expansion list. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or submit a ticket :) You can also join #DevCapsule on FreeNode. Happy Deploying!
  2. What's your email setup like?

    I just use Mailcow, it's simple and surprisingly for a mailserver it doesn't break (often).
  3. Hardware for sale; Servers, Network, PDU

    @AlexBarakov Martin is a busy guy. I've bought hardware from him before without any issues. I'm sure the stuff will arrive tomorrow.
  4. It's been released, ordered mine for delivery tomorrow!
  5. Hello All, I've got a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Pro-8 for sale. It's in excellent condition and has hardly been used. It was colocated in London with Clouvider where it was used as a BGP router with a total of 4 peerings with full BGP tables on both IPv4 and IPv6. Despite initial high CPU load when the sessions were started it handeled everything I threw at it. Great router and would be suitable for a home, business or data centre network with a decent amount of traffic. Not tested myself but claims it can handle 8Gbps which from what I've seen so far I don't see why not. Comes with the basic spec as per Ubiquiti's site. This one is fitted with 2GB RAM. Here's a link to the data sheet. Look for the ERPro-8 https://www.ubnt.com/downloads/datasheets/edgemax/EdgeRouter_DS.pdf I removed it for colo as I redesigned my network/server setup and saw some room to save money. I'm looking for £280 as this router is very new (used for less than a month) but I'm open to offers. I'm willing to ship to anywhere in the EU as long as you pay the shipping costs. It weights around 2.8KG all packaged, I usually round up when estimating so for the UK shipped next day via DX it'll cost £10 for 3KG. If your interested please PM me, I'll also be happy to provide a postal code for shipping estimates via PM for those who'd like shipping out of the UK. I'd be happy for you to collect in person but bare in mind I live in Mid-Wales. I'll accept PayPal, Bank Transfer (UK only) and cash (collection only) If you need anymore info please don't hesitate to ask.
  6. Server Hardware

    @drmike Not many servers on eBay in the UK with those L5639's. I do think that's the way to go though. The budget max is £500 with some decent drives, I've already got two 480GB SSDs waiting for a server as a home. I'm currently renting a dedi with an E3-1270v2 which idles around 3% CPU usage with running VMs and probably doesn't go over 50% very often even when I'm doing heavy tasks in my Windows VM. IO wise the SSDs will sort me out for that but the hard drives should be able to sustain at least 100MBs. In this case the OS and important VMs will be on the SSDs and the hard drives used for storage volumes.
  7. Server Hardware

    Thanks for the replys. @drmike this will be for a personal project. I've had a look at some tower server options and have found some much better deals however the data centre doesn't allow tower racking. My initial thought was to use eBay and for the E5's I was aiming for the older dual E5 setup. @willie @Nikki in this case it'll probably work out cheaper to colo and I'll be working at the data centre so no hastle having to travel etc... I wanted to go for a setup with lots of drives, maybe 5 or 6 and go for RAID 10 but that adds to the already high cost of building the server for redundancy I don't really need. Unless something cheap comes up it'll probably just be 2 x 3.5" hard drives in RAID 1. So for the older generation CPUs, are they still worth going for? How much longer are they likely to last? Are they worth it? I can see an L5639 on eBay for £60 so in a dual setup that'd be £120 whereas I could go for an E3-1220v2 for £160 in a single CPU setup. What I'm trying to get at is would it be better performance wise to go for the cheaper and lower performance L5 series CPUs in a dual setup over a faster and more expensive E3. I recall you having some hardware for sale @MartinD is this still available and what's your take on this?
  8. Hello All, I'd like to get some pointers on buying server hardware as I'll soon be in the position where I can colo for a decent rate and want to take the opportunity. My plan at the moment is to try and get a deal on eBay but I'm thinking to myself would this be the best/cheapest option? I've heard there's a few sites that offer refurbished hardware and some people personally have hardware for sale but I don't really know where to look for the best deal. The plan was to get a server with a v2 or v3 E3, 32GB RAM and two 2 or 4TB drives and space to fit two SSDs but although I'd like to keep the drive spec I'm thinking would the E3s be the best deal? I'm only going to use the server to run Proxmox with a few VMs, Windows Server, Mail Server, Plex etc... Oh and BGP of course so an E3 maybe overkill? Or would a dual E5 series CPU setup be adequate? What are your suggestions? I'm looking to colo in Manchester so all hardware I purchase should be in the UK with cheapish shipping to that area. I'm looking to rack around mid February. Thanks!
  9. Raspberry Pi Zero Released

    Mine arrived.
  10. Raspberry Pi Zero Released

    Ordered one this morning. Hoping to pickup another one tomorrow but don't know if the WHSmith's I'll be going to stocks The MagPi
  11. Home Network Setup

    Sorry for bringing back a year old thread! So... it's been a year now! How have your setups changed? I've been reading through this thread and some of you have interesting topics. In the UK, RAM and SSD's are becoming increasingly cheaper allowing for some quite beefy systems for a small price. At the moment I've got - TP-Link TD-W9980 (BT Fibre VDSL2+) 1Gbps TP-Link Switch Synology DS215j NAS - 3 x 3TB Gigabyte Brix 2955u - Home Server I've also got two Routerboard's but their not being used at the moment. I'd love to build a nicer home setup with some beefy servers but I'm not home much so I went for the dedicated server route with my own ASN, IP Space and Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Pro 8 Sorry I don't have any server porn to show you. I hope some of you can share your home server porn. I found this on reddit in r/homeserver - I don't know what it is about it but I like it a lot - http://i.imgur.com/MXiipoR.png
  12. So... who's buying one? I personally like gaming with a keyboard/mouse but I remember the days when I gamed on the big screen from by bed or the sofa. Ever since moving from the Xbox to PC I've stopped playing single player games, I don't know why this is myself. Maybe it's because I'm more easily distracted from my PC. I'm thinking of buying one and playing the whole of Fallout 4 via the Link, not sure yet though. £80 is cheap for the Link and Controller so might take the plunge.
  13. We've got a subnet listed, emailed them at least 5 times now. Still no reply, even tried tweeting them about response times.
  14. Hi, Thanks all for the replies. This is no longer required, I've got a list of providers most of which have been added to Williams Recommended ISPs list on http://ip6.im if anyone else is interested.