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  1. Web hosts! Do you sometimes have systems tasks you want to offload? Do your customers sometimes need customised setups? Do you want to focus on your core business? Small businesses! Do you have a server that sometimes causes problems? Do you want to make sure that your websites are running smoothly all the time? Is your web host not as helpful as they could be? ....look no further! I'm a systems administrator, developer and PhD researcher based in Lancaster, UK. For an affordable fee, I can help you with any systems-related tasks that you can't or don't want to deal with yourself. Why hire me? I've worked with businesses of all sizes, from hobbyists to financial corporations I have ~10 years experience in the web hosting field I work quickly and only bill for time actually spent fixing things I've been consulting for ~3 years and am insured up to £1,000,000 for mistakes in my work "His exceptional knowledge combined with his promptness and reliability are characteristics you'll rarely find." - Harry Perks (SimplexWebs Ltd) Service Examples Monitoring, updating and looking after your server Email account, control panel account or full server migrations Server hardening and optimisation Custom kernel compilations Remote operating system installations Pricing & Payment Hourly option (£35 GBP, no VAT): just pay for the time you need Monthly option (£60 GBP, no VAT): the same price every month to manage and monitor one server (monitoring provided by ServerDensity) Payment is accepted by Paypal and UK bank transfer and must usually be made in advance. These services are available to UK and non-EU businesses. Contact Details Tel: +44 7753 496 189 Email: [email protected] Skype: jameshadleyuk Loading Deck Limited is registered in England #08659933.
  2. Hi all, I have 5x R1soft Linux Enterprise CDP licences that I have purchased outright but no longer use or plan to use. R1soft do not allow them to be sold, but they do allow them to be rented out. I have a preference to lease them out together over a long term but I might be flexible. If you're able to commit to, say, a year, then I can offer a very good price. If you're interested, please email or PM me.
  3. What we do We have profound technical expertise with Linux servers and in developing web applications of different varieties. We can help you with a range of systems administration tasks, development projects and more. Typical examples of work we take on are: Server migrations Server setups Server virtualisation Providing technical consultancy to new web hosts Building applications in PHP, MySQL and Shell Why hire Loading Deck: We're 100% UK-based. Not a front for overseas techs - really, 100% UK-based. We speak English as a first language. We're reachable by telephone as well as email. Need to discuss something, be guided through an installation or get a detailed explanation? No problem - call us. We have been around since Red Hat Linux was Red Hat Linux, and understand the nature of a web server on a profound level. We are a registered company in England and are insured up to £1 million for our work. We're not going anywhere. Systems administration services: Our minimum charge: £20 This covers any very small jobs up to 30 minutes in length. Our hourly rate: £35 Billed in half hourly increments from 1 hour. Great for larger jobs. Our monthly server management: £60 This covers any reasonable amount of work for any Linux server running almost any configuration including virtualised. Great to keep your costs predictable. Other Services Development / PCI compliance / consultancy: contact us (see below) Contact us We like to get to know our clients rather than herding them through some automation system. So, contact us with your requirements and we'll respond with an obligation-free quote. Website: https://www.loadingdeck.com/ Email: [email protected] Phone: 01524 889390 :ukflag:
  4. In search of a good helpdesk (self hosted)

    We have an owned licence for Kayako but don't use it because (last time I checked) there were several problems with the API/API wrapper. What we have now is a really neat integration with Zendesk. We use their cheapest plan but customers interact with us via our own web portal that calls their API (or Xero API for billing, or ServerDensity API for monitoring). The API wrapper for Zendesk is really neat and this works extremely well for very little money. As we grow and Zendesk starts to get very expensive, we'll likely move to a self-hosted install of Sirportly which I think is about £700 once off including apps and VAT. Apart from the price tag, the main downside with this (in my opinion) is it's RoR. It's a great helpdesk though. Once upon a time we used Deskpro. That was ok, but the interface is really heavy and the apps are fairly poor. Comes with a nice live chat widget though and it's PHP (based on Symfony). Not personally a fan of ArcticDesk and I don't think it's been well maintained.
  5. What do you use for monitoring the load?

    ServerDensity / https://github.com/LoadingDeck/Monitoring depending on budget
  6. I have a domain for sale that would be great for a VPS hosting business. It's short and memorable. Thought about using it but never did. If you're reading this I'm sure you know that good hosting domains are few and far between. Image with domain name: http://uploadir.com/u/om5ff1rk Creation Date: 19-jul-2014 Renewal/expiration Date: 19-jul-2015 Age: 2 months Registrar: Namecheap Price: £100 ono (Paypal / BACS). Please do not post the domain name in text form. Make your offer by email to james at loadingdeck.com
  7. I've been offering systems administration successfully for just over two years. Around a year ago, the company was formed and right now the company is working with key partners to grow its consultancy and software development aspects. As part of this growth, I have the following server management deal to offer vpsBoard: As much systems administration time and advice as you could reasonably need Most distributions, configurations and control panels supported Included monitoring by ServerDensity with response from Loading Deck Contact by telephone, email and live chat when you need a helping hand The usual price is £60/server/month. I am offering the first month for just £5 for vpsBoard readers. There is no commitment and no VAT. To take advantage of this offer you must be based in the UK. This offer expires after 10 signups or at the end of this month - whichever comes first. One server per person/business at the reduced price. For more information please visit www.loadingdeck.com. To sign up, please use the contact form on the website.
  8. Time management

    There's no replacement for willpower.. Yet.
  9. Wordpress alternatives?

    AnchorCMS is great if you need something simple.
  10. Ah, that's where this thread is really old and the link is busted. Try this link: https://www.loadingdeck.com/our-projects/
  11. To help you I'll need details of the exception.
  12. I have a Nespresso machine which is excellent albeit expensive to run.
  13. Good email hosting?

    I would recommend Rackspace Apps for email hosting - it's not the cheapest but I find it quite reasonable given how well it works.
  14. Ordered 4x 50GB SSDs and got 4x 1TB SSDs from Softlayer on 2 occasions.
  15. We're hiring now and I have figure in my head above which I deem their expectations too high and won't bother getting back to them. Depends on the employer and job though.