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  1. SolusVM or Proxmox ?

    We offer OpenVZ so we use 3.4 as our backend.
  2. SolusVM or Proxmox ?

    Our backend is currently fully proxmox.
  3. Any ham radio operators here?

    Keep at it. I know my dad loves doing it. I have heard him talk to people all over the world, really neat to hear what they have to say.
  4. Impact VPS is the product of Subnet Labs LLC, a rapidly expanding and high performance web hosting company based in Mechanicsburg, PA. We offer OpenVZ cloud servers that can be customized to fit your needs. Hardware: We use the latest hardware for our VPS nodes. Dual E5v3 Intel Processors with 128GB of DDR4 Memory, 4-6 x 1TB SSDs and a 10Gbps fiber connection to the node. What is a VDR? VDR stands for Virtual Dedicated Resources. Unlike a standard VPS package, you can split the resources you pay for into as many servers of any size you want. Have 12GB of RAM? You can create 1 x 12GB server with 5IPs 3 x 4GB servers with 1 IP each and 2 with 2 IPs 1 x 6GB + 2 x 3GB servers The combinations are endless You choose how you want to split up your resources. Upgrade and downgrade them at any time. In the future you will also be able to split them across locations. For Black Friday we are offering three main deals that apply to both shared and vps hosting. 50% off recurring using promo code: FRIDAY2015 Get your first month for just $0.50 on any non yearly plan with code: TRYFRIDAY We will double credit deposits on all deposits made with those that have active vps or shared orders. (ticket to claim after deposit) THESE OFFERS ARE ONLY VALID UNTIL THE END OF CYBER MONDAY These discounts apply to all plans on our website as well as those listed here: Each VDR plan has the ability to set scheduled snapshot backups included for free. VDR Plan: VDR4 4 Cores 4GB RAM 45GB SSD Disk 2000GB Bandwidth 5 IPv4 IPv6 $6 per month recurring Order We are so confident that you will love our services that we offer a 3 day no questions asked refund on the first payment of each account. AUP: (This is not the full list): Not allowed: Teamspeak,mumble,torrents, spamming / mass mail, nested virtualization, tor. Website: impactvps.com Website: impactshared.com Location: Incero Seattle Test IPv4: Test IPv6: 2604:0880:000a:0002:0000:0000:0000:0001 Payment Options: PayPal, Credit Card (Not through paypal) and Bitcoin.
  5. Ignite Servers bad business practices

    Anything posted on their announcements page beforehand?
  6. I don't have IPv6 at my college apartment, but my parents do via comcast. Have made sure all our server offerings have IPv6.
  7. Fallout 4 just around the corner!

    I don't need to check, I have actually played it. Game looks beautiful honestly. Campaign is alright but I enjoyed it. Halo 6 sounds like it is going to be really neat story wise. Multiplayer is a huge improvement over 4 and I have confidence the community will stay around this time, unlike in 4. Game sold $400 million in the first 24 hours making it the largest launch in the series. Don't knock it till you try it. For the most part yea. Though games like battlefront 2 and mad max (from what I have heard) are quite good. Would you recommend playing the last one? Haven't had the chance to play it yet.
  8. Fallout 4 just around the corner!

    So many big games coming out lately: halo 5 fallout 4 battlefront rise of tombraider black ops 3 And all within a 3 week period. Already been playing halo 5, amazing game. Definitely better than 4, though I didn't mind some parts of 4. Not quite sure which ones I will get first. Never played fallout 3, though if I buy fallout 4 I will get fallout 3 for free via xbox one's BW compatibility so I might go for that one.
  9. Redundancy of course. You don't want your own site to be down if your services go down. You need to be able to communicate with your customers by having your stuff external. On top of that cloudflare provides a good bit more than just name servers. Dismissing a company because they use cloudflare seems very pointless.
  10. What issue do you have with people who use cloudflare?
  11. It depends. In shared hosting typically the hosting company does. With a vps more often than not the company does not provide name servers, so you would either have to use the domain registrar's name servers, run your own, or use another dns service.
  12. post create hooks in openvz

    I was actually the one who paid for the sponsored development of novnc for their proxmox modules. They didn't even believe it was possible to do until I showed them how the modulesfactory module did it. I very much agree about their support I sadly have many many people using their cloud module so the possible migration will be a bit more difficult for me when I do it.
  13. post create hooks in openvz

    Modulesgarden gives me the feeling their support, ability to document, and enable useful functionality is seriously lacking. My only hope is to get them to include these features/functions into their VPS/Cloud module for Proxmox. You might also like to know that modulesfactory will be releasing a "cloud" module similar to modulesgarden's one. I am told the ETA is about 1-2 months. I use the MG one currently and share the same feelings you do. I have been messing around with the MF one for a little while now for a different product line and have to say it is a good bit better. Support actually gives me coded fixes in hours instead of weeks. Their documentation could be better, but I have no issues with it so far. I did discuss a migration script with them and they say they could probably do that
  14. post create hooks in openvz

    Certainly an idea, but not one I would look hard at since Proxmox V 4 removed OpenVZ and replaces it with LXC Another option is to do something like this module does: https://modulesfactory.com/features.html . It supports custom scripts that can be executed at predefined events (post create prestart, reboot etc ). http://d.pr/i/1cGep Quick Screen shot