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  1. Numer of IPv6 allowed?

    It's a bit confusing for me what will the range of ips...ipv4 are easy to understand for instance their range is to for 100 ips. How do we use ipv6. Even if you can refer me to an article explaining this will be helpful.
  2. Numer of IPv6 allowed?

    I have been allotted usable 2604:4300:a:52::2/64 by my dedicated provider. How many ip v6 do I have and whats the range so I can assign those to my clients in solusvm.
  3. How to Secure VPS server?

    This means windows VPS is easier to secure than Linux? I have to do all the configurations by myself like installing CFS firewall and manually disabling root login,password login,fixing other loopholes as the CFS told me :S.
  4. differences between x64 & x86

    I would just like to clarify further 32 bit and 64 bit are processor's technology. The later one is latest and supports ram more than 4 GB. Likewise for 64 Bit processor you can have 64 Bit based operating system (Like Vista you mentioned) and applications. As 64 Bit is backward compatible so you can install 32 bit applications on your 64 bit os and that's why you have two program files folder under you OS.
  5. Which domain i should start with ?

    Besti Host (English speakers....unknown million :P)...the brand name is easier to type than x3 which uses a number in it ...easy to remember as it has vowels at perfect place .....in the end it doesn't matter go with the one you like the most...in the end you might set an example like go mama which has not a single world related to hosting industry yet a champ in league. I am a urdu/hindi speaker and I didn't read it besti= shame which is more exatcly typed as bezti in an urdu word ( be (less) izzati (shame) ) written in english. So it didn't even occurred once to me that it is related to that word.
  6. CrocWeb using OVH?

    Thanks for sharing information.....your servers are always up and fast. Never had to face any issue. Are you planning to sell dedicated servers also?
  7. CrocWeb using OVH?

    Well I got the answer from them Is there a way I can verify that by some reverse lookup method?
  8. CrocWeb using OVH?

    isn't it unethical to ask the hosting company about their parent company..or will they tell me the truth?
  9. CrocWeb using OVH?

    @HostPair i doubt that as reverse name lookup gives ip of ovh data centre in canda . They also claim their data centres Canada based. @Jive thanks for the heads up but I truly like crocweb and is using their reseller services. I am planning to move for vps and just doing my home work.
  10. CrocWeb using OVH?

    Hi, I have used reverse ns lookup and found crocweb using OVH data centers. Is that true can I use the same server to compete crocweb?
  11. Sneak peak of vpsBoard update

    2014 color theme is pleasant to the eyes ...red doesn't looks that much professional.
  12. Best place to find coders?

    online lancer services like elance and freelance will get you a cheap coder but cheap price is exactly equal to cheap quality. As others said if you are serious with your project and have budget go for the company located in you region.
  13. Anti Spam Protection

    will see what the pros say...but as far as their site is concerned it is like in the 80s :P
  14. Do you use a VPN for your normal internet browsing?

    for me its for browsing youtube.....i have enabled vpn through chrome extension is it is always turned on unless I manually disable it when I am facing speed issues.
  15. haven't used adwords so can't tell you about the results it will give for hosting related words. Maybe you haven't selected the right keywords. As far as tracking is concerned I use google analytics and Piwik.