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  1. SolusVM Block Ports

    Yes I assign users /64s but want to block the whole /48 by default then unblock each /64 upon request. Yes even with the port blocked I can still telnet a ipv6 mail server. With IPv4 I use the forward chain so I would assume it would work the same with IPv6. Sorry for the delay in replying been trying to get a new job and I don't tend to keep up with my forum accounts when I'm as busy as I have been.
  2. SolusVM Block Ports

    So I block port 25 by default on my node(s) and when in doing so for IPv6 (I issue /64 for each VPS) I can still telnet my mail server even when it is supposedly closed on the node. granted I don't think most spammers will be using IPv6 right now but I always try to plan ahead, plus I wrote a script that I run a few times an hour that will automatically create abuse tickets for accounts suspected of spamming and if they haven't resolved it within 24 hours it blocks the ports automatically and I would like to use it on IPv6 as well. I figured something like below would work but haven't had any luck. ip6tables -A FORWARD -p tcp --dport 25 -j DROP
  3. I use Proxmox in my home environment and love it (though I personally feel its aimed towards the "private VPS" type setups). I haven't ever had the equipment to setup HA with it though but I've been looking into it just to play with it.
  4. SolusVM High RAM Usage

    Well that didn't show anything that looked bad highest percent was 2.5 AnonHugePages: 15190016 kB HugePages_Total: 0 HugePages_Free: 0 HugePages_Rsvd: 0 HugePages_Surp: 0 Hugepagesize: 2048 kB That makes me feel better, just confusing since the panel shows 76% memory usage, then again its not wrong. I can't remember where I saw the whole "Unused RAM is wasted RAM" statement but I've heard that for years, I've never really had any issues like this before so thats the assumption I have kind of been going off of. But like I said the main reason I'm so puzzled by this is because it was going fine using minimal ram up until about two weeks ago and then over a seven day span you can see the amount of free RAM go down day by day.
  5. SolusVM High RAM Usage

    So I guess another question I should raise, when you set the max useable ram for a node does it take the caching into account or will it freak out (by that I mean will it consider the node full) when the caching + used space reaches that level?
  6. SolusVM High RAM Usage

    KVM (qemu) -/+ buffers/cache: 54898 17598 And I realize that "unused ram is wasted ram" but what I dont understand is this started about 2 weeks ago and it took about a week to get down where it is now and now it seems to be using about 1% more each day even when changes arn't happening.
  7. SolusVM High RAM Usage

    So I have noticed over the past few days that the RAM usage on my hypervisor has slowly gone up its gotten to the point I'm concerned. total used free shared buffers cached Mem: 72496 72169 326 1 5753 11578 VM usage should only be at most around 25GB and I can't seem to find where about 30GB has gone. To me it almost seems like the qemu processes are forking but not releasing the ram from the old processes. I would create a support ticket but I like to do it and they tend to lean towards "let us do it for you" plus I'm not super keen on the idea that someone else is poking around my servers that have clients on them. I also have KSM disabled, well I've never dealt with the KSM stuff so I had one thing that said it was disabled and something else that showed that it was enabled (so not really sure, guess it would be what ever is default from a fresh CentOS / SolusVM install). Has anyone had this happen? Any ideas?
  8. Who was your first VPS provider?

    I was first with LiquidWeb (for VPS) as I had a dedi with them and wasn't able to afford it any more so I downgraded I still had that VPS up until 2013 when I quadrupled the amount of VPSs I had and was still paying the same amount.
  9. phpMyAdmin vs Adminer?

    MySQL Workbench also supports ssh tunnelling, such a great feature.
  10. Is Hostbill worth the $$$?

    You can see all the license prices here http://hostbillapp.com/products-services/compare/ it starts at $999.
  11. I was just dreaming about the future and thinking about things and just wondered, is hostbill really worth the cost?
  12. Obtain Likes and Follows

    Couldn't agree more on the purchasing the followers. Doing that reminds me of the purchasing clicks to try to get a higher google ranking, but hey Only $10 for 1000 followers or if it ever goes like google did with JCPenny end up screwing you over...
  13. I've had projects that were more widely known and less of a niche market its fairly easy to get Likes, Follows, etc... I'm wondering what is the best way to get the aforementioned for something that is more niche like VPS hosting? I get the whole having customers connect on social media but if your current customers don't use social media (I know right who doesn't these days) what’s the best way to boost this area of advertising (and since I don't have enough money to pay $300/day for advertising on say Facebook it would need to be on the cheap to free side of things).