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  1. Good & Cheap DDOS Protected Windows VPS

    and i told you that i am not able to connect with console then why you don't believe me and how fran fix that issue and told me that everything is working fine, and it was really everything working fine,
  2. Good & Cheap DDOS Protected Windows VPS

    buddy! for me there is not problem my site is still up, and now i am paying for more expensive vps, but the problem is Fran is working hard to get customers to his company, before i go to buyvm, fran told me in one post to join his company he have good services, and i really respect him and really a great guy and helping people, but Aldryic's behave so bad so what should i deal with him, i was on buyvm from 8 months and i never wanted to talk with Aldryic C'boas, i don't know why but this guy really bad for me,
  3. Good & Cheap DDOS Protected Windows VPS

    my dear! i know all where is console or VNC but the fact is when i am not able to connect with my vps with any one of them then what should i do.. start praying to God to Please help me to let me connect to my VPS via Console or VNC because Aldryic C'boas has said that console is working for him so it must be working.... :P
  4. Good & Cheap DDOS Protected Windows VPS

    did i said to you that i want to host phishing site?
  5. Good & Cheap DDOS Protected Windows VPS

    buddy you always told me that i don't have managed vps service, and you never fix for me anytime, anyhow always fran have fixed all the problems that i faced on my vps, but you always run for money and you always mentioned me that my vps is not under managed services. for my last issue fran just took 4 - 10 mins to response me and told me that my server is working fine and try to connect with putty, and everything was working fine, you are talking about to calm down, i am earning everyday +50$ per day from google adsense and when all day my website will be down because vps is down and i tried all from my side to connect or fix that issue but when i am not able to connect with my vps then i have to open a ticket, even not console feature not work for me. I don't like to wait for your response to fix my server, i have tried all before i open ticket. and if you start saying same thing that i must try the console future then what should i say .... lol, good for you that you think you are really good nature but not for me. Anyway, now i have quit from you, so don't waste your time with me. you may carry on with your services and clients and tell them whatever you want, i had problem with you so i quit,
  6. Good & Cheap DDOS Protected Windows VPS

    yeah! because you already knew me and you have already suspend my hosting account for domain name googlefm.com without any reason,
  7. Good & Cheap DDOS Protected Windows VPS

    My dear you tried to remove my account from your side but you have done your work and i have done my work, Here is ticket no, and here is all ticket conversation. All Conversation with Aldryic C'boas and Ashok. http://imgur.com/wFTZJBD http://imgur.com/sIuGR96 http://imgur.com/cybaVoz http://imgur.com/eIuyc0t Me and Fran on Skype. http://imgur.com/6DALDXf http://imgur.com/DuAvQob http://imgur.com/tCPeSZd http://imgur.com/vyBI0n4 http://imgur.com/BdX598I Here Aldryic Removed my Account from frantech.ca : http://imgur.com/VKcIhIA Here is Proof that my email account is registered : http://imgur.com/0hNzdtF But Aldryic your bad luck that this is my 2nd account that you removed from frantech.ca .
  8. Hello, Do anyone know good & cheap Windows VPS ? where to buy, I want to buy a Good windows vps but also Support buys must be Friendly, not rude as i have faced on Buyvm.net / Frantech.com .
  9. I would Like to recommend you a Server from BUYVM.net , Very nice support and Have a 99.99% DDos Protected Server, Now my Site is always up and noone can put my site down because i am Using BuyVM.net Services, Please Talk with Francisco and Get a Very nice and Great Service, as they said me they provide me much better then that, :D
  10. Finally I Found one VPS that was not going offline but now i got an other error .... Nov 16 20:11:54 NY6 kernel: [474383.431227] VE109246: nf_conntrack: table full, dropping packet. Nov 16 20:11:59 NY6 kernel: [474388.414017] VE109246: nf_conntrack: table full, dropping packet. Nov 16 20:12:36 NY6 kernel: [474425.629282] VE109246: nf_conntrack: table full, dropping packet. Nov 16 20:12:55 NY6 kernel: [474443.891904] VE109246: nf_conntrack: table full, dropping packet. There is no way to stay away from Problems :P ...
  11. Yeah! Good Idea! go to youtube.com and watch Pogo , If no one can provide DDOS Protected Server...
  12. So Now Help me to Get my website 100% Uptime without any Problem... What's the solution of this Problem?
  13. i didn't know about that issue but you guyz told me to check after within some hours and i check every one hour but yesterday til now there is the same problem, so you can make for me one manually vps because i need one, and i can't wait
  14. Bro i have paid 40$ to Arvixe.com because they said that they provide 100% ddos protected but they don't have very good response time, always need to wait 1 hour for live chat and after that they will say that they can't do nothing on live chat i must open a ticket :v , and on ticket even they are not answering me, i am feeling like i waste my 40$
  15. I talk with Customer Support and he make me 100% Satisfied but the Problem is they are out of Stock, it's now 24 Hours i check 10 times and still it's Out of Stock..