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  1. Ignite Servers bad business practices

    What capacity do you have with gtt in Ashburn? I could only find one 10gbps link.
  2. Ignite Servers bad business practices

    Good to know. How much do they pay for bandwidth? Less than 29ct/20TB? (That's what I pay monthly) Also, do you plan to stay singlehomed?
  3. Ignite Servers bad business practices

    And I can also use the 20TB of traffic I have for each server? Does not look like Psychz is as cheap as OVH in terms of traffic.
  4. Ignite Servers bad business practices

    So that's a very straight downgrade from ~100gbps (what OVH probably filters for you before they nullroute).
  5. Ignite Servers bad business practices

    Is that OVH? Will your USA North East location be able to filter those 30gbps you told me I received and that OVH probably filtered without problems before?
  6. Ignite Servers bad business practices

    And what was that?
  7. Ignite Servers bad business practices

    I was in London and still am in London. According to their support I will be moved to Canada (OVH) again, so I don't even know why they moved me at all. It's more about them moving servers to locations that clearly have less filtering capacity than OVH has and I was fine when I had their servers at OVH, but I guess sometimes in the future I will be moved back to OVH? @ISG
  8. Ignite Servers bad business practices

    I'm sorry, but Ignite Servers clearly have no idea what they are doing. I appreciate them trying but the conversation that emerged by all the downtime that was involved with the move was just too funny to take it all serious anymore. Basically Ignite Servers claims to have 5gbps ddos protection in London and they say they can boost this up by "installing a script on your vps". I guess any experienced provider on here will know that you can't stop a network level ddos that overwhelms the connection by installing an iptables script and still Ignite Servers is here to tell you that this is wrong and their superior iptables script will stop L4 attacks: And I thought they were exploiting Indians, but I guess it's Indians exploiting them.
  9. I just wanted to leave this here, I don't know if it is the right category to write this in, so please forgive me if not. Today I noticed my servers with Ignite Servers were down, I noticed this after they were already down for ~4 hours. I wrote a ticket and that is where the fun started: I was told that my servers were scheduled for a migration, some time later I was told that my servers were migrated. When I logged into SolusVM my servers showed as offline and I couldn't boot them. The support then gave me two different IPs, so they changed the IPs of my servers without notifying me and the old IPs were still displaying in SolusVM. Later I was also notified that the SolusVM URL changed and I could access the servers again. In the meantime this is the only thing you can find about their "server migrations": I received no email, I received no notification about the IPs getting changed and, wait, there's more: My server were moved from Canada to London! What proably also vanished is the DDoS-protection they had before because they used OVH in Canada and I hosted something on those servers that gets attacked frequently. If you are a provider you now know what you shouldn't do: - Change IPs without notice - Only provide the new SolusVM URL if specifically asked - Move servers to a different continent without notification
  10. In Germany amazon usually makes a big fuss about it and in the end there are only very few deals that are actually great. Sometimes I think they use the Black-Friday/Cyber-Monday week to sell everything that they can't get rid of otherwise.
  11. The cesspit / chat thread.

    Hello vpsboard, I like drama, that's why I probably won't be here often, but I'll try.
  12. My main problem with ipv6 at home is that the capacity that some providers and services use to serve ipv6-content is pretty low. A good example would be Sony: If you have ipv6 enabled you would download from their network through ipv6, but they seem to have no ressources at all for ipv6 so download speeds go from 12mb/s (on a 100mbps line) to 500kb/s.
  13. Hey, since I install a lot of teamspeak servers I wrote a simple script that does everything needed automatically. This is what the script does: - It creates a user named "teamspeak" (without a password and without SSH access) - It creates a teamspeak server under the user - It adds autostart entries so the teamspeak server automatically starts after a reboot - After installation the serverquery-details and the admin-token for the server are displayed For x64: wget http://tsdownload.tr1cky.net/ts_64.sh && chmod u+x ts_64.sh && sh ts_64.sh For x86: wget http://tsdownload.tr1cky.net/ts_86.sh && chmod u+x ts_86.sh && sh ts_86.sh Right now this installs the following Teamspeak server version: Regards tr1cky