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      I want to thank all of our members who helped make vpsBoard the fastest growing industry forum. In it's prime it was an active and ripe source of activity, news, guides and just general off-topic banter and fun.

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  1. When should you use SSL?

    SSL shows website is trusted as webmaster care of taking secure of website also Google likes SSL for SEO so it will give better results than non SSL website.
  2. VPS Board Is A Good Board Now

    Forum is great but if only more traffic on marketplace would be prefect. But overall this forum is a lot better and more friendly than WHT and LET in my option :)
  3. Introduction thread

    Hello VpsBoard. I'm on this forum and slowly starting to be active hope I find this forum friendly and interesting than others forums I'm at this moment. Kind Regards Janusz C
  4. GalaxyHostPlus is running special promotion on 1GB Ram VPS. **OVZ Special 1GB Yearly ** 50 GB Disk Space 1024 MB RAM x4 Cores CPU 1000 GB Bandwidth 1Gbps Network x1 IPv4 x5 IPv6 Virtualizor Control Panel Full Root Access Variety of choices of Linux OS OpenVZ Virtualization 24/7 Free Premium support 99.9% Network Uptime $19 /Year https://secure.galaxyhostplus.com/cart.php?a=add&pid=60 ------- Terms Of Service: https://galaxyhostplus.com/TermsOfService.php SPAM Policy: https://galaxyhostplus.com/SpamPolicy.php Network: https://galaxyhostplus.com/network.php We are accepting payments such as: PayPal, 2CheckOut, Payza, Skrill, BitPay (BitCoin) For any questions email us at [email protected] Or simply comment below.
  5. SSH Protection

    I would use key based auth if my panels would support it. This few modifications for my own use for this ssh protection so far no issues for it.
  6. Custom VPS Panel - Suggestions, tips and ideas

    Looks really nice I would suggest change OS Template name to Ubuntu 15.04 32 bit it will look more clean I think.
  7. I think zip and unzip is fastest way in linux than uploading single files well it's my way I'm doing but probably rsync also would give good performance.
  8. What Backup Software Do YOU Use?

    I don't really trust any website backup or DC etc for backup if anything happen and provide decided we abused it etc there could be issues so I bought cheap thin client and external storage and backup all my data to thin client daily. For me it's great solution low power usage no fans no noise and running any OS I want so far it's running under Debian 7 32 bit minimal uptime is great only if my energy is down but that not an issue here server up for last 6 months :)
  9. Lowendtalk.com Moderator Meltdown

    He was was great guy on LET sad to see him go. From last few days there are wars on let's threads just get popcorn and read comments
  10. Fastest way to contact PayPal is via https://www.facebook.com/PayPal/ sometimes they don't answer phone calls or put you on hold on for 30 minutes+
  11. Minor update to vpsBoard offer submission rules

    Hello. About the DataCenter info I think it should be provided as why should VPS provider hide these details unless his reselling or using KVM to deploy OpenVZ I hear stories about this and poor performance . I think you should simply make another group for VPS providers so first user will need read the rules after apply for it. Like you do for Verified Providers but also version for non Verified Providers or other thing you could do is simply make ban section if someone add offer without DC Details simply ban him for 30 - 60 Days of posting threads in offer section that for sure will teach him a lesson unless user is only here to get post count to xx amount and post an offer and never come back which happens a lot of times in forums like this. Anyway that is my point of view due the DataCenter info display :)
  12. Welcome to vpsBoard! (Read this first)

    Hello Everyone :) I just joined this community so far looking forward to it :)
  13. Which is your favorite vacation place ?

    I love big city's like New York, London, Berlin, Warsaw So I would spend my vacation in any Capital City really, but not Dublin :) But my plans for this year was Ibiza but plans changed like always in my cause :)
  14. Getting new clients ~ How did you do it?

    This is my first post :) Easy way to protect from fraud orders is install maxmind and check all new orders manually as still maxmind let fake address, for example, last day I had such order as Adress 1 Delhi Address 2 Delhi Country India and my fraud protection accepted it. Also, this is important make your refund policy and TOS against any charge back so you can show it to the bank or any gateaway you dealingwith of course, this won't work in most PayPal cause but in cause.if buyer decide to charge back of reason unauthorised transaction you are ready to answer it with protection of seller. I have to start to worry about these after last charge back which was €300 from stripe normaly this was happening to me with $2 Transractions etc. I'm still fighting with Stripe hope to win it. About getting clients. Best way is advertise on forums which I won't mention here but there are few good more also try be active and friendly to your clients this is importnat part as client start to like your host he will invite his friend and his friends start inviting others so make sure to have some discounts coupons ready even 5% off. Also if you like to get fast clinets look at WHT but expect lots of fraud orders from that forum and some WHMCS SQL injection if you using WHMCS of course. also make blog for your website and try make some tutorials, etc so it will make extra pages on Google so it will be good for your SEO. And extra pages in google with specific words like VPS or how to install nginx for example. Anyway maybe this is not one of my best posts which are clear (as it's not clean :p) but that's my experience with marketing. I little went little offopic with the fraud butanyway maybe it will help someone with my small amount of information :) Anyway good luck :)