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  1. Ode to Outlook 2013

    Yeap, that right there. Hope it helps out!
  2. I'm still rocking dual core PC's for my camera servers. Don't think about them much, they are rack mounted etc etc. Good quality. Supermicro IIRC. :D
  3. Ode to Outlook 2013

    I'm confused on wiping the OS part? There are cleaners from m$ for office suites. I know specifically for 2003/2007, I recently had to use them :s. Have you tried to see if m$ offers one for 2013? If it's an outlook issue, this would wipe it out pretty well. Just an idea. :P
  4. I'd assume you are playing with a percentage of change in images to decide when to record vs not. If so, once you get a handle on that, set the FPS for non motion times to 0. Mine are all 480x320.
  5. I have 9 4TB WD Purple drives in different locations that are running great. 32 channel security systems. Work wonders in my experience. ~$180 Let me ask what kind of resolution is your camera? I ask because I've had the same issue but then noticed I was storing the video with a huge bitrate. I have crappy camera's so it's not a worry, I can set the record quality to the lowest setting and not lose anything. Also are you recording 24/7? Or just when motion is sensed? If you are going 24/7, I highly suggest going motion sensing. 1x 4TB disk is lasting ~18 months in this fashion.
  6. http://routerboard.com/ ?? Not used but want to try them out. You know me, engenius and ubnt.
  7. Wifi Access Point Troubleshooting

    Couldn't agree more. Try it on a WAP and you will want to pull your hair out. If it works 100% for a few minutes or etc and then dies, I'd say hardware also.
  8. Wifi Access Point Troubleshooting

    If you reset DD-WRT to the defaults, you should have a "dd-wrt" SSID. I would try this and redo the screenshot if that does not provide an un-encrypted working wireless connection.
  9. BIOS And pyhsical security

    In all the businesses I've worked with, we've only cared about data security. BIOS lockdowns were not needed. USB, I won't comment on. Disable autorun, be done. Worry about firmware hacks? Meh good luck. If it's happened/happening, you are already screwed. I deal with the state very regularly as far as IT goes. One of the biggest rules I have is no local data. Do not store anything. No one likes when a shop is broken into and someone steals a PC with car titles or SSN's etc etc involved. What's to say I don't just steal your hard drives and place them in my system? Don't forget, most dells and other name brand PC's have single access codes. Wait until someone figures out the algorithm to calculate those. It happens :D
  10. Never a problem sir! We will talk out of band and get this working if there are any hiccups. :) You know my PM inbox :D
  11. It's not a problem from a KVM point of view. Over a bridge it's just bridge :) I have single /32's setup in this manner and no trouble. Should work fine with no modifications to the original guide you posted. Just set vMAC and configure in SolusVM. Effectively, ALL OVH are single IP's (/32) in the grand scheme of things. It's just happens they are sometimes sequential.
  12. Please elaborate on this limitation, I may be looking at it incorrectly. I have a bad URI and am rightfully very drowsy. If you are saying what I think, I will look over your guide a little more than I have and see what differs from my setup. I use multiple subnets on each of my nodes. I have tons of subnets all over the place.
  13. What does not seem right about it? I know many reputable providers that can easily obtain such uptime and higher. Uptime is not a mysterious force :D
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  15. Thoughts on Provider -> Customer notification

    I would cancel service with any provider doing these things without explicitly asking them for this type of "service".