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  1. So, you've got a mail server, everything's working nicely with all major providers and a lot of small providers but you get persistent problems with Microsoft (outlook/hotmail addresses). Let's disregard why you (and a lot of other people) are having persistent problems with MS (even though settings/configurations are ok with all other providers, you've been through their postmaster service, you've tested your setup etc) and let's focus on how are you handling this with your customers. Of course, the ideal situation would be to GET compliant and that would be another discussion in itself. Workarounds would include using an external email provider, like I'm doing now. Other workarounds include requesting your clients and their corespondents to add addresses to their accounts, make filters. But how is this being seen ? Of course this would depend on the customers and their needs (some would probably not even need to interact with MS accounts) but how would you approach a problem like this, where you can't provide a specific due to BLABLA ?
  2. I've been using ISPConfig3 for a while now. It kinda got annoying everytime I had to add a new domain to VPS, where I would have to manually add an associated client, FTP account, DB, Db account, email domain, email username. I decided to script stuff up and have a simple web form where I would enter a couple of details (client, domain name, username) that would be used to create everything mentioned before. It uses the SOAP library that the ISPconfig3 devs have provided. Check it out on github.
  3. I've been using the DO API to automate some things like VPS reboot and snapshootadding DNS records to configure email with ZohoYou can find the scripts on my github. Feel free to fork away / come with other examples / use cases that you've automated or need automation.
  4. How to improve your VPS service?

    1. Integrated and free of charge backup/snapshot system . APIs - can save some time especially when using external services like email, where you need certain DNS records / configurations for each of the domains hosted 2. We should put more words on "secure way" but I would go for IRC.
  5. Who was your first VPS provider?

    I went with DigitalOcean and mostly because I had no idea on VPS's. Their 10$ free credit was what got me, because I wanted to pay as less as possible before I knew what I was doing.
  6. What Backup Software Do YOU Use?

    CLI tools like rsync and tar. Dirvish is also interesting to look at (still based on rsync)
  7. Honestly I wouldn't even touch the VPS side of things. As I've told others, if they want to get their feet wet in hosting that they should start with a reseller account and make that profitable. Most resellers are pretty affordable so the amount of time/effort required to break even is low. Shared already had its floor fall out so prices are pretty well settled. For instance, a user could take one of our $2/month plans, sell 20 x 1GB space shared plans for $5/year - $10/year and make $100/year - $200/year return on $20/year of investment. With VPS you have licensing costs, high server costs, IP costs, etc, all affecting your potential pricing. Agreed. Using a reseller will eliminate the headaches associated with what you enumerated there, of course including technical work around setting up and maintaining a VPS, especially if there is not prior experience with that. It also makes it easy to form a customer base.