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  1. Soo I moved to Birmingham, Alabama to work at KnownHost! :)

    Alabama is a nice place Jonathan is correct for the most part the crime and such in the city itelf is not bad but when you include the suburbs and ghetto areas the crime rate goes up. But isn't that true for most cities?
  2. Is Hostbill worth the $$$?

    Hostbill is a good product, I did not like everything it had, there were items like the layoit of the admin area, and some of the features seemed more for a dedicated server provider than a shared host of vps provider. I would prefer to use WHMCS or Blesta over Hostbill due to the pricing, and If you want the plugins the cost is tremendously high but that is my point of view.
  3. Comodo EV SSL - Cheap SSL Price

    That is a Deal If I have ever seen one. I may have to get myslef one thanks for letting us know.
  4. Who was your first VPS provider?

    I actually had my own Dedicated Server in house, before I went to a VPS But when I did it was HostGator, but this was 2007 early 2008 when I got my first VPS.
  5. Getting my First 100 Cllients,

    Thank you for that @drmike
  6. Getting my First 100 Cllients,

    Thank you guys for the comments I will work on all that has been mentioned. Also to @HBAndrei I wanted a bee and say a few different options but I chose him because I liked it. If you look at my Twitter and Facebook pages I have a different version of the Bee. I do not plan on offering Consistently rock bottom below margin prices to get customes. I will do as @manndude stated and just be active on forums and assist others when needed.
  7. I just recently setup my company, I am still working out some kinks with my whmcs integration, but other than that My services are open for business. I am looking for advise on getting my first 100 clients. Or even my first client. I have posted an ad on WHT But I believe due to the error with my whmcs integration I was unable to get any customers as well my pricing is not $1.00 per month pricing. I am willing to off deep discounts for the first month and small recurring discounts. But Aside from Advertising on Forums and word of mouth how can I let people know of my companies existence, and then get them as customers? Thank you
  8. Looking to change Domain Need Advice

    You can keep it as is, or Shorten It I am always a fan of Shortening the domain if possible. And if you choose to add more than just web services, and include design, SEO, and more I suggest a name like hudsonservices If you want to keep hudson in the name.
  9. What's for Lunch?

    I love Pot Noodles /Ramen Noodles I used to eat them ll the time then my metabolism slowed and I started to have health issues so I stopped eating them and eating healthier.
  10. What's for Lunch?

    The main Reason Why I am against GMO's are because what do the added chemicals and such do to our bodies over time? It is a fact that my generation and my kids have a shorter life expectency than our parents. also look at roundup, a product made by monsanto the same company who created Agent Orange. If you look at Honey bees you will see tht they have had isues with insecticides, and gmo plants that have killed off millions of bees. Heck France outlawed the use of Gaucho (made by Bayer Chemical Company). Look at Ecoli problems. You have that issue because beef cows are being fed corn, they were made by God to eat grass not corn. I am not a health nut but I am for eating better and locally. I shop at farmers markets and go to local daries as well as cattle farms for my meat.
  11. What's for Lunch?

    I have come to notice that most food in the us has little or no taste. I have watched countless documentaries on GMO foods and how crops as well as animals are treated It is absolutely crazy. The US Sucks with how their food is created. I have a small herb garden and a few fruits and vegetables and comparing the taste of my home grown produce compared to produce bought at a grocery store the taste is so much better.
  12. I love honey, and the protection of the honey bee, Because of that I thought it was unique enough that no one has a host similar to my name and IT is something I appreciate
  13. Write Content and network with other professionals and let them know about the website.
  14. Digital Ocean Reseller?

    I think it is a good idea, However Reselling any services are not the best of ways to do business, but im not against it I just prefer leasing my Equimpment or Buying my own servers and offering services using those.