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  1. URGNT: Upload Service Needed

    Thank you, I will start looking into these as well. I have not heard of them before.
  2. Hello All, We have a client who is a production company and they regularly shoot footage and upload it back to their HQ in New York. I am looking for a company near Columbus Ohio that is willing to allow their production manager to hop on a decently fast internet connection and upload their footage. Typically when we work with this client we let them into our datacenter facility and they have internet access on our datacenter floor at a crash station. Don't need anything fancy at all. If anyone is willing to help out please let me know. Send me a PM with pricing or I can send over my phone number and we can chat. Thanks, Justin
  3. Free IPv6 BGP Tunnel

    Whoops, My stupid side set in.
  4. I was thinking of using Ubiquiti gear. Everything I have read about them has been positive. As for the major backhaul points, Those would be seemingly easy theres plenty of high points that the town owns. Water towers, etc. I see a problem that its a woodland area with many trees and a lake.
  5. Hey Guys and Gals, With the holidays just around the corner, I have spent quite a bit of time with my folks at their house. The one thing I constantly hear is how bad the internet is. Now I have heard this from my parents as well as the neighbors. They are in a rural area of Maine, US and the only services offered are DSL and crappy speed cable from MetroCast. This is where my enterprising idea comes in. What would be the odds of setting up a WISP for the community? There is plenty of land and I am sure there is somewhere that has a decent internet connection that could be the base of operations. From what I understand the town would be fully corporative in the effort. Anyone have any opinions or experience with this?
  6. Free IPv6 BGP Tunnel

    @Florian, BGP session for IPv4 or IPv6?