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  1. We are happy to announce our summer sale here on the VPSBoard. Get your SSD-based KVM virtual server for the best possible price. This offer is valid for our Los Angeles, Washington and Frankfurt data center. All VPS come with a DDoS protection - Washington and Frankfurt with the 500Gbit Voxility protection and Los Angeles with Vest DDoS mitigation up to 10 Gbit. Please use the links under the product to order. No promotion code is needed, and the product price will stay the same until you cancel. The offer lasts until we run out of stock. Summer Mini 1 x Core 256 MB RAM 5 GB SSD 500 GB traffic per month. 1 x IPv4 (IPv6 on request) DDos Protection KVM 1Gbps uplink Payment: Yearly 15 USD (1,25 USD per month). Order: https://safehousecloud.com/whmcs/cart.php?a=add&pid=51 Summer Small 1x Core 512 MB RAM 10 GB SSD 750 GB traffic per month 1x IPv4 (IPv6 on request) DDos Protection KVM 1Gbps uplink Payment: Monthly 2,00 USD Order: https://safehousecloud.com/whmcs/cart.php?a=add&pid=52 Summer Medium 2x Cores 1 GB RAM 15 GB SSD 1000 GB traffic per month. 1 x IPv4 (IPv6 on request) DDos Protection KVM 1Gbps uplink Payment: Monthly 4,00 USD Order: https://safehousecloud.com/whmcs/cart.php?a=add&pid=53 VPN (personal and commercial) are welcome! We accept payment via Credi-/Debitcard, PayPal and BitPay (BitCoin). All servers deployed instantly. You can choose from a wide selection of Linux templates or install your OS manually via ISO. If your preferred OS is not on our list, we can add the ISO for you. Windows 2012 R2 / 2008 / 2003 via ISO installation possible. We operate two AS: AS135027 AS64094 Los Angeles, http://looking.la.safehousecloud.com Washington, http://looking.wa.safehousecloud.com Frankfurt, http://looking.fra.safehousecloud.com Benchmark: http://serverbear.com/benchmark/2016/04/28/JsJfOKiXint25Bct Node hardware: Dell, HP or SuperMicro Servers 1x or 2x Intel Xeon (E5 & E3) 32-128GB RAM SSD Only 1-10 Gbps uplink Our company fully owns all Server and Network Equipment. Our company is registered in Singapore and the US. We provide 24x7x365 support via Ticket and Email. More information? https://safehousecloud.com
  2. Backup Software

    Yes CloudBacko works very well! Can also recommend it.
  3. Seems until now not so much changed on he market.
  4. When should you use SSL?

    Today with free SSL certificates available I wouldn't even host a blog without SSL.
  5. Accounting Software

    Quickbooks online works great for us in Singapore. Nice daily cronjob that sync it with WHCMS.
  6. What's your email setup like?

    We use since years Google Apps and thanks to the Google Apps with unlimited storage and Vault, you don't have to worry about any outage, running out of space, etc. For us, it just works. Before we tried a lot from Exchange 365, self-hosted Kerio Connect and MacOSX Server. All works not bad but doesn't provide all the power and performance we need. Also, most team members already know the Google interface, so they don't need to use something new.
  7. What's your email setup like?

    Yes installing Exchange isn't this hard, when you know how, and - when you do it right it works very stable. But I think for some newbies it could be really hard to get used to it. I think I wouldn't recommend any self-hosted Exchange as long as the people don't have very high knowledge about it. Same with other mail servers at least in the business usage.
  8. ARM has legs. Real world use.

    Thanks for the awesome review!
  9. Sort Survey regarding Email

    Done and good luck for your project!
  10. Which is your favorite vacation place ?

    Bali and complete Indonesia is awesome. Malaysia as well. You can find awesome diving spots, great food and nice people.