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  1. Globalfrag SCAM (Switch & Bait Tactics)

    Requested title be updated and that the post be alerted. I agree with you hence why I am requesting it be modified.
  2. Hi, Globalfrag is a major scam/fraud they will purposely destroy your business and lock you in a contract and lie. and promise compensation and then don't provide such compensation. I closed the Last Thread as I had a billing dispute. Kazah told me to close it to avoid service suspension. I will not lock this thread and I am willing to argue with anyone. Had a billing dispute because they cause you to loose clients. The routes screw up on a daily basis making clients services unusable due to drop outs and lag. Had 1 client experience this 5 times in just over a month. How is this acceptable? Oh and yes Kazah I'm verbally abusive to you because you are a moron who is incompetent and should not be in the Hosting Industry. ==== Update Hi, Upon Initially ordering from Globalfrag. I was told that there was a custom DDoS Filtering system. But was told Blacklotus was being used for transit only. If I had known this I would of never used them in the First Place. For months I have asked Kazah for a solution with the DDoS Filtering that fit my clients requirements. And that is to block the most common types of attacks. and so far he as not been able to. He requires that I contact him on every specific time that a flood occurs. and that is Just using ACLs most of the time as the attacker can change his amplification list and it will leak. icmp will leak and so does some of the most common ddos scripts. There are always issues with routes randomly screwing up. had 1 specific client require his routes to be changed several times. within the same month. Had several large long term clients leave. as a result of network issues this month. and due to issues they have experienced in the past. Hyperspin URL: http://www.hyperspin.com/publicreport/w40a3qq5/74428