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  1. Numer of IPv6 allowed?

    Yep the IPV6 will take some getting used to. Your up line provider should be able to help you as well
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  3. Dedicated Server Promo at CenTex Hosting Only 2 Left at this price. Dual E5-2620v4128 GB4 x 960 SSDraid 10 (hardware)WHM/cPanel30 TB/29Only 599.95/mo Limited # LeftOrder Now Server Located in Dallas, TX
  4. Half-yearly / Yearly KVM offers

    @Asim we can help you out. Visit our site link below
  5. Cheap web design

    listing your budget might help to get you more people to respond
  6. VPS Reseller (custom plans) or Resource Pool VPS

    @Asim we can help you with this. If you want to send an email to sales at centexhosting dotcom we can put a custom quote together for you
  7. Is Hostbill worth the $$$?

    Really no one can answer that but you. Some things that you need to look at. Are you a start up? If so do you have the budget for it What do you really need right now. The host that I know that are using it like it and would not switch. But the same thing would be with WHMCS you ask the ones that have set this up and have had mods built they would never switch. What it comes down to what are your needs and wants and goals. If it covers all that and you have the budget then get it. But I would not strap myself for a program as you could use those funds to help grow your business. As you grow you could always upgrade to it
  8. How to Increase VPS hosting Business?

    Really there is no 100% sure fire way. what you need to do is sit down and figure out who your target market is. If you want to go after budget vps customers you will have to set your pricing as such as well as the specs. but with doing this you are not really going to get any high end VPS customers as they will look at the service as cheap and spamming. Same goes if you target high end you will have higher end servers with ssd your pricing will match that as well. But note you are not going to get any bargain shoppers for those pricing. You have to decided what type of customers you want and then target that market.
  9. Looking for Constructive Feedback

    I would be glad to give you some feed back
  10. Noob Windows Server Question

    Depending on who your dedicated server is with you could just lease the windows datacenter License from your host. This way you don't have to shell out the 5k plus for it. You will have to lease the number of license based on the number of CPU the server has. So if it has one then you only need one. If it has 2 you only need 2, 4 you would need 4 and so on. Really that is the best way to go.
  11. Accounting Software

    we just use quickbooks online with an integration into whmcs seems to work fine have not had any issues with it.
  12. Any VPS Recommends (Managed)

    We can help you out with your Managed VPS needs.
  13. Getting my First 100 Cllients,

    @HostHoney Any update on your goal for getting your first 100 customers. Have not seen anything posted since Nov.
  14. We have been taking bitcoin now for about 9 months or so and have not really notice that many people switching to it or even using it. I would say for us its maybe 1 out or 20 orders or so that use bitcoin