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  1. Make an informed decision about Bare-metal (dedicated servers) vs. Virtual servers Many people wish to invest in the first-class resources and make their business successful. On the other hand, they get confused with attention-grabbing facilities in both dedicated servers and virtual servers these days. The main advantages of bare metal servers: All resources of the bare metal environment belong to its sole user. Many business people who are conscious about the overall security of their data nowadays prefer the bare metal server rather than the virtual server. They reap benefits from the following benefits nowadays. A good disk or network performance A reasonable fee on a monthly basis All resources dedicated to a single customer Complete control as well as isolation of physical resources in a server Privacy Quality of Service (QoS) in terms of no problems associated with the multitenant environment. The best input/output operations per second (IOPS) The maximum processing power The most consistent performance of the disk and network I/O The utmost security You have to keep in mind that the overall support options, performance and the security of bare metal environment depend on the hosting service provider. Virtual Servers: • VPS server running on a public node, which means the resources of the physical server are shared with multiple customers, also known as a multi tenant environment. • Hybrid servers is the virtual server running on a private node, where the resources of the physical server are dedicated to you, giving you the ability to consume all resources of the server. One customer can have one or more virtual machines in the same server, not sharing with other customers. Monthly or hourly billing is applied for this option. Please feel free to add information about dedicated servers/ VPS advantages and disadvantages. __________________
  2. OVH never had a good customer support. It's sad how they are not orientated into clients needs.
  3. Who is your fave premium Wordpress studio?

    Elegant themes are the best. A pixel-perfect eye for detail and a high standard for aesthetic excellence. Websites look simple, beautiful and professional.
  4. How do you do staff?

    I think he can afford to pay salary. As someone mentioned before, you should cut you salary and find some young guy who could work from home as well. Salary +commissions should be a good inducement for higher motivation.
  5. Which domain i should start with ?

    Just say it's three times faster hosting :D
  6. Bitcoins are so much better. I do believe there is a huge bitcoin users market who are looking where to spend their BTC. And why not to spend them on GPU servers? I heard some people still make some good money from mining.
  7. Which domain i should start with ?

    It's hard to explain why, but x3host just sounds more catchy to mean. And if you could expand the idea about x3 meaning in your website, that would be great.
  8. Who was your first VPS provider?

    I am not sure if it was mentioned before or not, but my first VPS provider was and still is BalticServers
  9. GPU vs. CPU?

    High performance Individuals who have geared up to maximize the performance of their computer nowadays choose GPU. Even though a GPU is designed for a wide variety of basic graphics controller functions, it is used as the most efficient computational device in our time. Advanced capabilities of this processing unit play the main role behind the overall success of supercomputers. Users of supercomputers understand various benefits of a GPU and a bare metal server. An ideal GPU on an outstanding bare metal server is the best choice for enhancing the effectiveness of intensive calculations. Successful professionals in fields like machine learning, deep learning, and genomics nowadays depend on these two elements in the cloud. They are satisfied with an easy way to do more tasks with fewer resources on hand. An enhanced power Accelerated computing power of a GPU is very helpful in the most competitive industries where the efficiency is the key. High performance computing is not at all possible without GPU servers. Industry leading resources for developing supercomputing cluster do not miss out the GPU. Qualified professionals with a specialization in both the bare metal server and GPU architecture in our time accelerate applications in particular CUDA applications. They optimize various elements such as workloads through these technologies. They support their clients to take competitive advantage and drive the maximum revenue easily. A GPU enabled computer accelerates the computing by offloading an application’s compute-intensive segment to a GPU. The remaining code of this application runs on the CPU as usual. A CPU is designed to process data in the serial way. However, a GPU process data in a parallel way. A CPU has a few optimized cores for processing data serially. Hundreds of thousands of optimized cores in the GPU handle manifold tasks at the same time Industries like oil & gases, medical & life science, and manufacturing & engineering enhance operations everyday because resources such as a GPU. Users of cloud services are very conscious about the bare metal server and the role of the GPU. They can reap benefits from highly customized GPU cloud environments. They will get the best return on investment in the balanced cloud environment. What are your thoughts? Which companies are more focused on GPU servers?