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  1. Search WHMCS hook or other

    Hi, Thank you for your reply ! Do you think it works with version 6.X please ? http://www.whmcs.com/appstore/2898/Hourly-Billing.html
  2. Hi, WHMCS currently only allows to offer a product with a minimum length of 1 month. I will wish to create tests of products for a period of 2 hours. Do you have an idea ? thank you in advance :) !
  3. Thank you all for your responses. For you what is the best machine to host about 50 OpenVZ VPS for basic use (customers of any kind)? 1. 2. (Or maybe another machine listed on this site: https://www.ovh.com/fr/serveurs_dedies/) Thank you in advance for your opinion
  4. Hello, I have to idea of making the sale of VPS, but I hesitate a lot about choosing the server I wish to OVH : https://www.ovh.com/fr/serveurs_dedies/ The problem is that they removed many offers which interested me a lot... I do not find them very optimized for the virtualisation. I want to offer deals from 1 to 4GB of RAM and 1 to 2/4 Vcores for any sorts of use (novice, small games servers, +) For today, what is the best? Because honestly 4 cores / 8 threads that does very little. I said that I will not exceed 110-120 € Please note this isn't an opinion for lack of knowledge. But just how you feel about these offers. What range is best suited for you? Eg. Sorry for my english, I'm from Switzerland. Thanks, Kenshimdev'
  5. SolusVM or Proxmox ?

    Thank you all for your advice. There are still many different opinions ... ;)
  6. SolusVM or Proxmox ?

    I looked at the functionality of Virtualizor (here: http://demo.virtualizor.com:4084/index.php) and it is complete, right? According to you what are the important features that might not be on Virtualizor?
  7. SolusVM or Proxmox ?

    Thank you for your review, it is very helpful for me :)
  8. SolusVM or Proxmox ?

    I'm not just a summer host. I know what I'm doing. To know that I work in the field of IT (network, development / programming, etc.). In fact, I did not ask what I should use (lack of knowledge), but your opinion for those who have already used over the long term. Maybe I could discover new? I think still use SolusVM to start. It seems like a good compromise. In my studies, I have used VMware but it quickly becomes expensive ...
  9. SolusVM or Proxmox ?

    Thank you very much for your reply and thank you for reporting in relation to modulegarden. ModuleGarden had me appear to be serious. The plugin looked good yet. You advise me to use the integrated WHMCS system ? http://docs.whmcs.com/SolusVM I saw that there was also this: http://virtualizor.com/ Is it good ? Other opinions ?
  10. SolusVM or Proxmox ?

    Hi, I want to sell virtual servers but I still hesitate between SolusVM and Proxmox. Especially between these two modules: http://www.modulesgarden.com/products/whmcs/solusvm_extended_vps/features http://www.modulesgarden.com/products/whmcs/proxmox_vps/features According to you, what is best suited for business use? Thank you in advance, Kenshimdev
  11. Interesting, thank you all. I think on proxmox from version 3.4 to make openvz :)
  12. Thank you for your response, I obviously saw that it was written on their website but being French, I wanted to make sure I understood :)
  13. Hello, First of all, thank you. So you advise me to use proxmox? If so, what is the difference between VPS and CLOUD version of the module that you sent me? Thanks ;)
  14. Hi, I'm looking for a solution as SolusVM or Proxmox for reselling VPS. What is the best solution and is it that there are others ? PS : I use WHMCS :) Thank you in advance Kenshimdev'