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  1. Actually interesting, I don't remember ever seeing $20/month 1U colo before. Location is in Latham, near Albany? Colo info page: https://www.turnkeyinternet.net/colocation/ Too bad about the 10 mbit port. Is it possible to get a faster port with a traffic cap? (Added: order form says 100mbit port with 3TB cap is $5 extra. That's attractive too). Is an ipv6 subnet included? What size? I can actually live without ipv4 but I guess it's useful.
  2. A nice nas offer would be....?

    I'm having trouble understanding the current offer: it looks like a single 2TB drive for 10 euro/month? Like everyone else I'd be a bit scared by the absence of RAID. And while I'm always looking for cheap storage I'm not sure what the advantage of a NAS is over a storage VPS or ftp or S3 server unless it's to serve through a dedi or VPS at the same facility. In that case the 100mbps network port is limiting. Also while the price isn't bad, it's not that attractive compared to Hetzner storage boxes (10 eur/month for 2TB but that's RAID protected), time4vps storage vps (again raid-6, 4 euro/month for 2tb on a 2 year purchase/2x that month to month), the new Delimiter object store offer (yeah I have doubts about Delimiter) 2.75 USD/2TB on 3 year purchase, etc. (LET offer link) Or the current Hetzner dedicated servers at around 30 euro/month with 2x 3tb drives (10 euro for 2TB without raid, but on your own dedi with 1gbps network). I currently have a Hetzner dedi and a time4vps storage vps so would be looking for comparable offers.
  3. Storage VPS Options in Europe - Time4VPS?

    For sshfs you only need fuse on the client side. The server side only needs a regular sshd. I have a time4vps storage plan and I can sshfs mount it without problems. I've had it for about a month and it's great in general. Transfer speed to and from Hetzner is around 20MB/s once the transfer has been going on for a while (it starts out a bit slower). I'm quite impressed with the product since nothing else comes close to that price level.
  4. This is an annoying ad, putting a 1st month promo price in the title when the recurring price is $89/month. If you think $89/month is a good price for that server (I think it's not bad, weighing various aspects into consideration) you should be willing to put that number in the title.
  5. I think it would be better to say in the title that this is a kickstarter rather than an available product. Looking at the cpu specs I think "10x more powerful than raspberry pi 3" is an overclaim. 2x-3x is more realistic, same range as an Odroid XU4. I also don't see what makes the board interesting: it's a PC with an arduino stapled to it, what's the big deal? They show it being used as a media center and game machine, which is fine, but those are PC programs and the arduino part doesn't really come into it. If you want a PC, just buy one :).
  6. cheap vps near San Francisco

    Heh, I didn't realize that stuff about Edge. One I forgot is prgmr.com (Santa Clara) which is now priced competitively with DO, Linode, etc. though not hourly billing. A bit too high-end for the minimal thing I want at the moment, but I'll certainly consider them if I need a more serious VPS for something around here.
  7. cheap vps near San Francisco

    Yeah, DO is a possibility ($5/mo but hourly billing so I could spin it up and down as needed). But when I tried to sign up with them they asked me to send a selfie photo of myself holding my passport. I told them that was too invasive and didn't go through with the signup.
  8. I just logged into FR and it worked ok for me. If you're getting sent back to the login page, make sure your browser is sending a referer header. I usually disable that header but have to turn it back on for OVH login.
  9. cheap vps near San Francisco

    Thanks, yeah, 10/yr was optimistic, 20 isn't too bad, and 25/year for KVM is almost reasonable. I had forgotten EGI's vps brand was edgevm so looked at their old page at egihosting.com. Glad they're still around.
  10. Looking for cheap VPS physically close to San Francisco, the closer the better but no more than 50 miles. That means San Jose, Fremont, Santa Rosa, are ok but LA is too far so don't suggest it. Low resources are fine: 64MB ram, 2GB disk, traffic will usually be under 10GB/month but might be 20-50GB on occasion. Ipv6 would be useful. Some kind of ipv4 access is required, but if v6 is available then it is ok if the v4 access is NAT or shared, lowendspirit style. EGI had a $25/year KVM plan in San Jose a while back, but I'd prefer cheaper (like $10/year or less) and anyway I think they have discontinued it.
  11. Hardware Monitoring System?

    Manually examining the output would get annoying after the second or third time, especially if you have multiple servers. You need a program to monitor the relevant parameters and alert you if something goes wrong. It shouldn't be complicated though. It's mostly a matter of deciding what parameters to monitor. Then it can be a standard nagios test that runs a few times a day. FM7: yes I did see something about that SSD study, which is interesting. One word takeaway: "backup".
  12. Mine is working mostly fine, and currently reports 67 days uptime. Network has generally been ok to very good. Main annoyance for me is that the disk i/o is sometimes very slow (too much seek contention probably). It could also be that memory is oversold, but I'm not noticing this since I rarely run anything on that box that requires much memory. No idea about ticket response since I haven't opened any tickets since long before the acquisition. But Sklyar used to be very fast at answering them, back in the day.
  13. Raspberry PI 3 Now Launched!

    Hmm, I checked my smallish standard household fridge with a Kill-a-watt meter and found it uses 150W when the motor is running and basically zero otherwise; the motor runs about 1/3 of the time, so 50W average. My mom's fridge is full size, maybe 2x the volume of mine, so I guess 100W but haven't measured it.
  14. Hardware Monitoring System?

    Basic idea for disks is monitor the SMART statistics and schedule replacement if (at least for hdd's) any of the failure-predicting parameters change. There's an old Google hdd reliability paper that said even tiny blips in thosee reports meant the drive was much more likely to fail. Servers usually have some other monitoring facilities for case temperature, ECC error events, CPU temperature, and other things like that. What to alert on? Not sure, maybe there's some advice out there.
  15. Raspberry PI 3 Now Launched!

    There's lots of NUC models so you'd have to check the specs to get power draw of any particular one. They probably use more power than the XU4 but not by all that much in the scheme of things. Your refrigerator probably uses 50-100W averaged over 24 hours.