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  1. Which is your favorite vacation place ?

    + 1 to Vancouver, BC and all the area around it. This city is 100% lovely in summer. And I can tell that there are not so many places in the world where you can be on the top of a very high mountain covered with snow now, and then boom.. 15 minutes later you're are already swimming in the warm sea. The city for itself is interesting too: Downtown of Vancouver has a lot of historical buildings, great nightlife and authentic cuisine from around the world. This winter we choose Spain for third time. I think the combination of sea, great weather, tasty food, affordable prices, nature, history and a great variety of transportation routes through the whole county is what made this country one of the top tourist destinations. And everyone can choose the type of vacation, which he or she need - the lazy or active one) And since I live near it I want to promote lake Baikal :) It's the deepest lake in the world, the water is crystal clear, no people around you. There is no infrastructure, only a few camping places. But living there just for a week or two doing nothing just enjoying the view gives you energy to work for an entire year. Baikal is great in Summer, but in late winter it is just ...amazing! So if someone will have an opportunity to visit Baikal then write me for the tips.
  2. Shoaib_A, VMmanager does not support in its "box" vesrion but we have an atrticle which explaining how to set it up correctly OVH: http://doc.ispsystem.com/index.php/How_to_manage_IP_addresses_on_OVH_servers Hetzner: http://doc.ispsystem.com/index.php/Network_configuration_in_Hetzner
  3. Hello, Nikki. Thank you for great advice! As product manager said to me today: "we already thinking about it and now we should analyze every aspect of adding "LXC dition of VMmanager" to our product line. So I will keep VPSboard community updated on this topic.
  4. Hi Byron, thank you for your feedback! It's nice to see you here. And thanks to DDwebhosting for supporting us here:)
  5. Thank you for your feedback! I totally understand your point, UIX is pretty loaded. Actually, this is why we have targeted a pretty long-term deadline for this problem. We believe it won't be efficient to implement only minor changes so we decided to apply a more complex approach: we work on both UIX and GUI, so that the interface was both friendly and up-to-date
  6. Hi DomainBop and thank you for your detailed feedback! Our team members have just returned from WHD.global and I can say that a big number of potential partners point out the same raw spot. I can only say that thankfully we aren't blind:-) and are able to see that our GUI looks more like '90s or early '00 and not 2016. So we're already working hard at this to made our GUI awesome by the end of this year.
  7. Hi there guys, I work in a hosting software developing company ISPsystem, headquartered in Russia, and VMmanager is one of our main solutions. It has been launched in 2004 and has been in active development and support since. The solution has great popularity on our local markets (like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc). But we want to extend its popularity worldwide and are now collecting feedback. VMmanager is offered in a number of different languages. KVM and OVZ are both supported, along with local and network storages, different OS templates, etc. Runs on CentOS 6, 7 and Debian 7. A detailed description and manuals are on wiki here and there is also a online demo of VMmanager in case you want to take a look. Compared to SolusVM VMmanager’s most interesting features are: Supported formats for disk image files are lvm, qcow and raw. While SolusVM has only LVM, and that requires specific disk mapping. Migration between nodes, as well as between clusters. VMmanager lets you use KVM virtualization having only one license, while when using SolusVM you need to buy an additional license for each new node. Most operations (like installation of new nodes) are available directly from VMmanager, while SolusVM requires a more extensive use of the console. A lot of hints and tips designed to help new users who are not yet familiar with VMmanager A more affordable price, in comparison, could be important for some users. Recently we launched a free version of the VMmanager, to enable more people worldwide to try it and to collect more feedback on it, regarding functionality, usability, etc. So pretty much want to make sure that it does all it needs to, and is responsive to your needs. The edition allows managing 2 VMs and 16 GB RAM. Would be happy to answer any questions on here, and would really appreciate any feedback! Pavel Kaprovskii, Team ISPsystem P.S. I can say that it was a real pleasure to find vpsBoard with such a strong and live community. And since I’m a new guy here, and don’t want to be considered as a spammer I have asked MannDude if it's appropriate or not. He gave his agreement.