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  1. Thank you very much for the quick responses! I will definitely give it a "go" for my upcoming project given it perfect for people like us who can't afford to vend for "all the bells and whistles". Given that I will be just starting operation up.
  2. I see now! So just so I am aware.. How would I get my own servers to use the ServerStats Sender ? Does this monitor servicing works on KVM based VPSes as well as dedicated machines? Finally what does this bolded stats means..
  3. Correct now it only showing ID 5's stats. Which I means such as Is it only supposed to display a single one per visit or I am able to switch which one to see?
  4. Looks nice so far. Are you able to view each server's status on the demo or is it supposed to be only showing ID 3?
  5. I see, it does indeed doesn't give us a "360 degrees" as there could be legitimate reasoning if they had to do such things. For example to keep their panel updated and secured for instances.
  6. Hello, I know there a thread similarly about panels but it seemed quite dated plus it not the panel I am trying to get inputs on. I am wondering on where Interworx is at now of days? Someone said it has really lost quality at this point of time. If that seem to be across the board are there other non Cpanel options that are good and doesn't cost so much to provision on a VPS (Direct Admin is out the question as I don't believe they offer external VPS licenses)? Thank you in advance.
  7. Unable to post offers

    I am glad they attended to your needs. :)
  8. I know right? EVEN when you state exact requirements they try to up your contract! My "favorite" is when they thought I was going for a full 3.2kw just for a single box! With such claims as that I honestly don't even think they even know what they are doing. So I guess if you don't mind literally burning money, then you may need to just take this to different angle.
  9. That all it is though. No one in Ohio seem to have orderly straight up pricing. For example per U, per unit of power required, and etc.
  10. Please be informed that I said for Out of state orders... In which the "venturing" is eliminated altogether. I won't disclose my budgetary and needs in public but I will say it reasonable.
  11. Please be informed by the kw OR amp is fine by me. Just I don't want to be sold by the circuit.
  12. Like how you're billed for electricity/water in your house. I want to be charged per TB of bandwidth required/used and either by the kw used or the amps that I will require. Not by the circuits or the weird 95% billing schemes. I noticed that Ohio is like "depleted" myself too so that why if there a better option to put my equipments out of state. Then it fine by me as long as remote hands are taken cared of included in the colocation contract.
  13. Hello, I am looking for affordable colocation servicing either within Ohio or out of state WITH remote hands included. I am looking for "by the U" and "utility billed" like servicing. Meaning I am not "locked in" in plans such as 1/4, 1/2, and/or full cabs. Nor I am to be sold up my butts of 20 amp circuits. Thank you in advance.
  14. You state we get ALL the resources that is advertised to us but you state that... Basically we cannot use our CPU cores to their full potential 24/7 if needed? Sorry but your no better than ~90% of providers who claim "dedicated" resources but impose these ridiculous policies so the CPU resources is never as dedicated as a dedicated server.
  15. Is VPS ok to host a game server?

    I would prefer just invest in a proper VPS. This way I would not have to deal having to worry about being cheated of the resources I has paid for. Especially for gaming/serious business needs.