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  1. When should you use SSL?

    ssl should be used all the time even if a website isn't public facing there is always the possibility that someone could root your pc and monitor your connections / packets to sniff out certain things always be
  2. ONAPP & SOLUS Alternative! Preview :)

    looks interesting id like to see how it looks in the future your coming into a hard market to compete in but i wish you all the best and i might upon release setup a small test box to test it out :)
  3. wlanboy.com - how it started

    nice work i like the website its extremely useful keep up the good work :)
  4. its one of the most realistic hacking themed programs ive seen alot of what you actually see is possible in the real world i really enjoyed season 1 cant wait for season 2 to come onto amazon to watch :)
  5. Need a Clear Guideline about managing a VPS

    trial and error is a good way of learning google can bring up almost anything vps related there's tons of information out there but get a test box with around 512mb ram and 10gb disk with unlimited reinstall's then just test different software try breaking it then sourcing the problem there's no better way to learn than hands on :)
  6. being in the hosting industry before ive had a few key things ive picked up on first thing is it takes time your going to loose alot of money before making a profit but clients like to see established business's and also like to see how they have handled upset clients always respond to negative reviews or feedback even if its on a forum google your business name and find any possible signs of negativity and try to correct it :) also a professional looking website noone is going to buy from someone that just sticks up any old page make it look unique and also integrate with your billing system :) from my experience ive had alot of clients come on livechat questioning the host servers configuration always be willing to share information to clients about your hardware this makes them trust you more that your not keeping it a secret :)
  7. How to Increase VPS hosting Business?

    listen to your clients feedback if they have any also quality performance uptime all is key along with keeping upto date with the latest market news is also a good thing to do notify clients of anything new that has been introduced :)
  8. Is VPS ok to host a game server?

    it all honestly depends on what you intend to run how many players any additional plugins or mods for the game like everyone says here for a personal server you will easily be able to run on a vps but if its a big clan server for example then dedicated would be the best way to go it 100% falls down to what you require
  9. i personally wouldn't use a disaster or anything related to tragedy for marketing its not only heartless but also could give some potential customers a feeling of sensitivity because they are reaping other peoples misfortune for profit
  10. Is Hostbill worth the $$$?

    hostbill is more for datacenter's and large enterprises rather than your small to medium sized webhost i have had a browse of hostbill before and i honestly don't think the price they charge is worth it while there client area and admin area are abit more user friendly than whmcs and also abit more feature intensive to justify that sort of price is ridiculous in any business's mind and that being said whmcs is getting more and more features recently so they may end up taking over there features