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  1. When Skyler was at Crissic, the service was decent. Fast ticket replies, acceptable performance Since it was bought over, it's gone to shit. Then they're upping the price, so it's time to ditch them. Right now I have: 50GB HDD, 2 IPv4, 512MB RAM, 2TB BW, on OVZ for $15/yr. Realistically I use 20GB HDD, I could get by with one IPv4 and 250GB BW. This is in Florida, but east coast USA, UK or mainland Europe would be fine. Who should I be looking at? I'd rather go with a good host for a year at a time.
  2. Nope, it'd been down 12 hours or so by the time I opened a ticket, then it was a further 9 hours before I heard from them. 3 hours after that, everything was up and running. Hardware problems happen, but I can't say I'm impressed with the lack of communication around the whole thing.
  3. Or a LOT of people jumped ship when Quadranet took over... It's back up and working now, @drmike. Almost exactly 24 hours downtime judging by the new uptime and when it went offline. 9 hours before the downtime was acknowledged by way of a reply to the ticket, very much during US business hours. FSCKing is hardly an "all hands on deck" situation, so why it took so long to acknowledge is anyone's guess. BTW, has http://status.crissic.net/ been disappeared? I'm getting connection refused. Out of the two available, the honest status checker vanishes... This was my experience too.
  4. Multiple downtimes (this time 22 hours and counting), slow performance, packet loss... I wouldn't mind if support bothered answering tickets in a timely manner, but it's been hours since I ticketed them and they've not replied. Also interesting is that this status page says there are no problems: https://my.crissic.net/serverstatus.php While this one shows serious problems: http://status.crissic.net/ Crissic always oversold their servers - performance was never great - but it was cheap and stable at least. :(
  5. Luckily, there's peer reviewed, properly conducted science that proves otherwise.
  6. No there isn't, homeopathy is bullshit.
  7. I got an email from Rackend (to an email address I gave only to Privatelayer!). Here's its content: I don't have any services with either company, and afaik I never have. Obviously I've given Privatelayer my email address in the past, but the fact that Rackend managed to get my email address is odd. I know literally nothing about either company, but I thought it was worth posting here if not for the popcorn of it all, but to give anyone who has services with them but didn't get the email the heads-up.
  8. Need cheap dedicated server in EU

    This is the biggest lot of nonsense I've read in a while, and spam to boot.
  9. It doesn't say two is massive, it says there were two which were massive. Whether they were or not is another matter, of course.
  10. If a consumer ISP runs out of IPv4 and for some reason can't do IPv6, they'll NAT everyone/new customers and if you need a dedicated IPv4 you'll pay a premium for it. If the internet runs out of IPv4 and sites start becoming IPv6-only, people will just have to use tunnels to access the v6 web.
  11. Need cheap dedicated server in EU

    Well if you got it 3 months earlier than you needed it, and saved 10 euro/month, it would take 9 months to pay off the unneeded 3 months, which seems kind of marginal. I decided against getting a second one back then on similar grounds and am ok without it for now. I figure better hardware will keep making its way there. True, but I'd have found a use for it, no doubt. Serverbear results and friends with Hetzner boxes would disagree with you. Can you point me at a page that says it's capped at 200Mbit? I can't find anything that states this.
  12. Need cheap dedicated server in EU

    Yeah, I'm kicking myself for not getting one earlier to be honest. As mentioned earlier in the thread, those only have 100Mbit.
  13. Need cheap dedicated server in EU

    Cheers, I'll keep an eye on ServDiscount. I've got 3-4 weeks left on my OVH boxes so I can leave it a while before having to make a move.