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  1. I think that's an excellent domain name that has great SEO value. More importantly though, there is just so much you can do with that domain name in terms of marketing/branding
  2. Hey Dario, I agree with what most have mentioned here. Get a dedicated server with some type of DDOS protection, become a microsoft partner, and get a SPLA agreement. Just beware that the pricing on Windows licensing is supposed to be increasing. Instead of a per-processor pricing structure, which is what they're using now, they're going to be changing over to a per-core pricing structure. I never found out if they were going to apply this to their older Win 2008 versions too, but you may want to find out before hand. If you speak with the guys over at Insight, they can help you get started with all of the paperwork for joining their SPLA agreement. You can then either activate/use the dedicted server editions of the license (which allows unlimited windows vms, 1 license PER processor but again may change or have already changed to a per-core structure) or just get individual licenses which is much more expensive. Good luck
  3. Exactly, although I do believe they are still actively developing their control panel. They just haven't been very active lately which could paint a picture
  4. Hi, I'm not sure of the overall status of Interworx these days, but I know their twitter feed has been dead since January and their FaceBook page hasn't had an update since about February. That won't paint the whole picture, but it's something to go off of given they were once very very active on those platforms.