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  1. vpn causing disconnection of my windows vps

    Slight misunderstanding; I'm happy to keep VPN company's assigned IP whilst using VPS. It was mentioned that the VPN IP may be causing the disconnection from the VPS due to battle of IP's between VPN and VPS. So my question is their a way to adjust settings of Windows to prevent the disconnection from the VPS due to VPN. As I said before when I don't use the VPN, the VPS stays connected forever, its only when I connect the VPN on the VPS that the disconnection from the VPS occurs. Thank you in advance.
  2. vpn causing disconnection of my windows vps

    Could someone assist pleas, thanks
  3. vpn causing disconnection of my windows vps

    I think your right; sounds plausible. Is there a way to prevent my VPS's IP from changing thereby causing the disconnection? about teamviewer After I install Teamviewer on the VPS and start the program, I am to remote access the very same VPS? You lost me, could you explain what is happening; how it might play play out? Thank you.
  4. vpn causing disconnection of my windows vps

    Any possible solutions guys?
  5. vpn causing disconnection of my windows vps

    "Attempting to reconnect" and it freezes during this.
  6. I would like to know why the VPN is causing disconnection to my windows vps? I have used the vpn company's software and previously openvpn same results. I cant give you logs because I have to reboot vps when this happens because the vps stalls (freezes) when this issue happens - I can't do anything with the vps until reboot of vps. Note: the VPS works fine if I don't connect VPN Thank you. specs of my windows 2008 server vps Full Administrator Access 1 CPU Core (Intel Xeon) 1 GB Dedicated Memory 40 GB Disk Space 1 TB Monthly Bandwidth 1 GBit/s Internet Port 1 IP (additional 10 IPs) Native IPv6 Configurable RDNS Free DNS Cluster OpenVPN & PPP Ready Anytime Upgrades Variety Of Payments (see) DDoS Protection (480 Gbps)