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  1. SolusVM Issues with WHMCS 7

    SolusVM support helped me out. Simply add the following to the access hash field of the server in WHMCS. <ssl_verifypeer>no</ssl_verifypeer> <ssl_verifyhost>no</ssl_verifyhost>
  2. whmcs module garden solusvm module

    Are you using the group IDs or the node IDs?
  3. Hudson Valley Host: Bargain Bin Server Review

    Invoice sent
  4. Hudson Valley Host: Bargain Bin Server Review

    Nice catch! Turns out I am a very satisfied customer and want people to know it. If posting that in multiple places makes me full of BS or a shill so be it. To often people get attacked for their actions so I am not backing down. I got blasted on WHT for liking the company. I took it. I posted it on here, and looks like the blasting shall begin. If I end up getting banned for going against the majority, then so be it.
  5. Hudson Valley Host: Bargain Bin Server Review

    @HalfEatenPie hopefully I continue to have a good experience, and their future clients have a good experience as well. After all, no use wishing the worst for a provider, especially when it would be their clients that suffer.
  6. Hudson Valley Host About HVH is a member of the Velocity Servers, Inc (VSNX) family, often associated with ColoCrossing. Their model is a "one company fits all", striving to provide services which appeal from novice users to professionals. Their broad network makes scaling one's project effortless. Since their start, HVH has promised a commitment to nearly 100% uptime, and in my opinion, it is clear the network as a whole makes strides to provide the absolute best experience possible for their customers. Services Overview HVH provides a wide array of hosting solutions including Shared cPanel Hosting, Reseller cPanel Hosting, OpenVZ & KVM VPS (Linux & Windows), Managed & Unmanaged Dedicated Servers, and Colocation. Also available for purchase are dedicated IPs, SSL Certificates, Domain Names, and discounted Software Licenses. Today I am reviewing their Unmanaged Dedicated Servers. Sign Up & Provisioning - A I initially ordered a hybrid server from HVH, but due to the nature of my product I decided a dedicated server was a better option. I ended up opening a Sales ticket, and their team was happy to assist, they even provided a full credit for the hybrid server to be used toward a dedicated server (shout out to Mike)! I ended up being able to negotiate a really awesome deal on the dedicated server I ended up ordering, and Mike was happy to get a work order for my build sent over the their Buffalo DC promptly after payment. Support Quality - A I have to give it to these guys. Their technical support kind of rocks. Whether it be their consistent response times (always under 30 minutes but often within 10 mins) or their technicians reinstalling an OS 2 times at 2 AM, they are there to support you! If you have a technical issue, I wouldn't recommend using live chat (as with most providers) mainly because these agents don't appear to specialize in technical support, but tickets are responded to promptly and are handled by competent individuals. The Server - A Category: Bargain Bin CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1240v2 RAM: 32GB HDD: 1 x 500 GB HDD Bandwidth: 10 TB Port: 1Gbps IPv4 Allocation: /29 (5 usable) Given it's age, I am extremely impressed with this server; a workhorse for sure. Never had any issues with accessibility, lag, etc. I know they had the misfortune of some spammers in the past, but I was pleased that all IPs I was issued were completely clean. I especially like how I can manage reverse DNS and null route individual IPs right from the client portal, definitely a nice touch. Price - A Guys, seriously, the pricing on this box is pretty spectacular. For just $55 per month you can pick this box up. They also have some similar bargain bin servers in the same ballpark. Conclusion Hudson Valley Host is one of the best hosting providers I have had the privilege to do business with. Alas their turbulent past, these guys are on the up and up. Some of the most capable gentlemen in the industry are at the reigns of this machine. If you are looking for an affordable dedicated server, I highly recommend you give these guys a look.
  7. Introduction thread

    Howdy VPSBoard, My name is Chase Morgan (JP Morgan Chase... eh I wish). I'm a student residing in the Silicon Valley of California. 3 years experience with PHP & MySQL, 2 years experience Linux Administration (Red Hat, CentOS, Ubuntu), 2 years in the web hosting biz. In my free time I like Golf, Flying, Music, and Cars. Cheers to many more posts! :)
  8. SolusVM Issues with WHMCS 7

    Hello, I have having issues with the SolusVM WHMCS module version 4.0.0 working with WHMCS 7. When I make a product and go to the modules tab, in the drop downs on the right it says invalid IP address or sometimes they will be blank. Anyone else having this issue?