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  1. Get your own /64 IPv6 network without the help of your provider

    Using HE BGP with own router in Dallas since we gave up on Incero. I works really good given the circumstances (only had one outage), but that is with our own IPs.
  2. CEO/Founder of CloudFlare thinks HTTPS is over UDP

    I think a CEO must know basics about his products. However, he must not be judged on that, but on how well the company does, because, even if he does not know he can get around people that can give advice on the technical side. In the end, CEO is about choosing the right people and giving the right instructions as well as securing resources for those instructions to be carried out in good conditions.
  3. LET Q1 2014 Top Provider Poll Results

    I never did IRC and god knows how impopular my posts are (I get attacked left and right not as bad as here, though). I do believe the poll is a community , not an industry one, therefore people hanging around have services from providers popular there and are voting for providers popular there. That is absolutely normal, here BuyVM would win hands down any day and night, but it is worth noting that none of the CC brands managed top 3 in LET. At least since CC took over.
  4. Difficulties of a /64

    /56 working just fine.
  5. A scenerio and a question for everyone

    I do not know how accountants and law works down under, but in EU that will not work. They need to send an INVOICE, for said services of 15 AUD, it doesnt work just sending them over some money. and they will manually adjust the amount with another sum, it is simply inconceivable from the accounting and legal point of view.
  6. Difficulties of a /64

    We are doing it for all KVMs, however, we only offer limited rDNS setup, i.e. you can ask it for a couple of addresses and not more than a couple of times. Also, all Xen's, including XenPower can receive an /64 upon request. Management is automated, users can get their /64 by filling a form with their IPv4. In theory, you can get an /64 for every IPv4. http://prometeus.net/returnipv6.php
  7. Do's and dont's for long time sitting?

    I agree about the blurry vision, especially since it is in one eye only, you must see a doctor. Might be much worse than you think. As for posture, I sit in my hard bed crosslegged for hours. At my former job I was sitting in a chair and ended up with headaches and dizziness, this does not happen now. Also the keyboard s on the bed and I rest my hands on my legs, but that might not be available to everyone as I have really long hands and legs, I am taller than most people but sitting they are most times taller than me. Maybe for this reason I never managed to keep the keyboard on the table, it creates a lot of strain and uncomfortable position os hands. I go in tens of kilometers trips every couple of weeks in the mountains, 30 Km in 2 days is the bare minimum, add the backpack(s) (long story) and the heavy clothing for this weather, even tent and tablets, phablets, even EEEPC at times, thermos, drink, food, it is quite an exercise, especially on slippery ice and in half a meter snow. I go once every few days buy groceries at distant shops also every day buy bread and vegetables close. I cook own food with natural ingredients most of the time, avoid processed meat, but do eat yoghurt, butter, cheese, even pork grilled, but usually it is chicken lower legs with mexican mix steamed only. Now I have a white fish soup with a lot of potatoes, mashed carrots, onions, some peas and other roots most local here. Add to this carrot salad (grated) with a bit of olives oil, some sauce from the preserved cucumbers and a bit of salt. It fills you gives a lot of nutrients of many kindsand is healthy. As a desert pancakes with home-made jam. Many times just "clementines", dunno how to translate in English, they were very good this year.
  8. Deep freeze

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3xRuEshUF3KTFZHMlp4aE4tdXM/edit?usp=sharing It is not even bad here, some people needed to be rescued by the army because snow was higher than the house: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NE_44B_Imy8 Temperatures were not so bad, it is rather late int he winter and days are a bit longer so at most -25 were recorded.
  9. Proxmox

    Lately I am always installing debian first and then adding Proxmox layer over it. I can say I never had issues with it, only one install has hardware raid, the rest software, all apt-gets working as they should, I also install quite a few other packages, for example, on the home server with E-350 i put on even cmus for radio streaming, as well as bluetooth support.
  10. Whatever happened to Xen?

    As a Xen fan, I am happy it is thriving. It is stable, proven and the staple of experienced admins. I really hope 4.4 will force many people to ditch KVM, but KVM is not bad per se. From the marketing point of view, people which need enterprise-like features prefer Xen the LE* crowd is kneeling to KVM (because many providers have Windows ISOs, maybe) so Xen is mandatory for hosts which appeal to more educated audiences, of course, if they think their offer will have any chance with that kind of much more knowledgeable crowd.
  11. Whatever happened to Xen?

    We were looking to replace OVZ plans (OVerZold) and the logical choice with low overhead was Xen-PV: XP4G - 12.68 Eur a month 6 vCPU 4GB RAM 500GB Disk space 6000GB Traffic included Compared to OverZold 8G it has MUCH more disk, 50 % more CPU, 3 times more traffic, but half the memory. Price is 10 GBP for overzold 8G, slightly less, but I think this is a very good deal, even compared with OVerZold, which is OVZ.
  12. Whatever happened to Xen?

    As you know XCP is discontinued since Citrix released the full version. I wanted to use Xen as it allows for both HVM and PV bt there were issues with this mixed environment and without it KVM was easier to do. At that time we were already late and needed something to work as fast as possible, after a few tests KVM worked with the billing module uncle wrote much easier too, so, that was it. It is more a matter of circumstances than choice. However, we are now waiting for Xen 4.4 and will strive to implement such a zone but always have to consider the cost/opportunity ratio. If it is really stellar and performance is top notch, we will do it, if it is just marginal, then we may still do it, but perhaps later. My fear is it will grow too much and turning back the Leviathan might be more work than worth it. Already balancing load between volumes in the SAN when we upgraded it took days, it has grown pretty fast. I hope 4.4 is ready soon, mostly for this reason.
  13. Whatever happened to Xen?

    It is alive and well, thank you for asking ! Prometeus just launched XenPower and was a smashing success even tho it is Xen-PV and we get tons of questions if windows ISOs are available... I am sure the 4.4 version of it will also be a smashing hit, I just hope it gets available for commercial implementations sooner rather than later. I will be pushing for it, you can bet on that.
  14. Down to 4 VPS

    TBH, I never kept a serious count of my VPSes. They are usually left to own devices except from time to time when I upgrade the minimal OS and 2-3 applications. I get reminders about payments and pay, otherwise. If I do a really hard count now I go over 10 that I pay, 2 in US and the rest in EU. There is also the BlueVM one which is suspended for doing traffic of 1.4 tb instead of .5 allowed last month in the first few days and I dont know if it will come back today or not to check what could have went so terribly wrong without getting blacklisted or something. So, would be 11 with that. In EU I have DO, EDIS, torq, and a few in NL and UK. I also colo a server in Voxility. With home connection of 1 gbps best effort i push-pull some 40 TB a month, mostly tor relays (restricted exits from home) freenet and gre/IPv6 experiements which encapsulate the above mentioned traffic over weird routes. I pay some 75 Eur a month for all this.
  15. BuyVM Legal Defense Fund? LOL

    Not yet the warning for the non-existant signature violation is still in place. As long as people get punished because their opinions are not convenient, it will stay there. It is also a reminder of how friendly the admins are in this friendly forum. It remains to be seen if anyone understood anything in the end.